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Remembering the Authentic Kate Spade on the One-year Anniversary of Her Death

By Christopher Rosica, Author of The Authentic Brand (Noble Press, 2012), which featured Spade after a series of personal interviews.

Kate Spade, born Katherine Noel Valentine Brosnahan, was truly authentic. A talented fashion designer and entrepreneur, she and her husband, Andy, created one of the world’s most respected and successful lifestyle companies, which many entrepreneurs since have sought to emulate.

When she took her life tragically on June 5th, 2018, I refrained from writing about my experience of interviewing her and Andy Spade for my book. Now, one year later, I’ll share it.

Casting for the book could not have been more appropriate; Kate was the epitome of authentic. Here are some of her authentic qualities and what we can learn from lifestyle marketing visionary Kate Spade:

1.   Initially Kate Spade launched a designer brand of fabric handbags. At the time, most high-end, high-design bags were made of leather. The sophisticated and affordable handbags she introduced were refreshingly different. She went one step further when she introduced a line of designer paper products, including stationery and gift cards. At the time, this was unheard of for a “fashion” company. Others were launching shoes, belts, and accessories. When other fashion companies went in one direction, she was bushwhacking a completely new trail. This authentic approach was her mark and the cornerstone of the brand’s success.

2.   As Kate and Andy told me “We created a world around the handbag, a true lifestyle company. We didn’t just want to sell products.” They were offering smart and tasteful lifestyle solutions and the world adored Kate for it.

3.   Kate had unmatched taste and embodied elegance. To ensure her company’s vision became a reality, she and Andy wrote a book on business manners, civility, and etiquette, publishing it and sharing it with employees.

4.   She supported the arts and a variety of other causes; she felt it was her responsibility to give back and help others – and she did.

5.   Kate put herself out there – in spades. She was highly visible, memorable, and accountable. She was the brand.

Spade was creative and always creating. In 2017, Fast Company named Kate Spade one of the “Most Creative People in Business.” Fast Company got it right; so many of her endeavors and so much of her business life demonstrated this.

Katherine Noel Valentine Brosnahan was a visionary. She was intuitive and created a movement centered not just on products, but on lifestyle.

In summing up my experience with Spade and what I’ve learned from her, I’d like to share an excerpt from our interview:

“One of the things we do is to manifest our passion in our mission statement. We always wanted to have a nice, successful business, but at the same time, we always thought of ourselves as simply creative, intelligent people. We didn’t set out to be known as savvy business people. That was never my goal in life. Our goal was to be really smart, curious, creative, and fair in business. I want to have a business that is successful but wouldn’t compromise the culture of the company for the success of the company. That may be a bad business decision, but we work here every day. We give out the etiquette book that we’ve published within the company. We have an orientation video that speaks to the idea of being smart and respectful in business. People want to work for nice people. We built it (the company) in style and graciousness.”

– Kate Spade (pages 173-174 in The Authentic Brand)

If this isn’t authentic, I don’t know what is.

Christopher Rosica

Kentucky Celebrates Shared Parenting Law With Anniversary

One year ago on April 26th, Kentucky became the first state in the country to officially declare that children deserve both parents by passing the Shared Parenting Law. To celebrate the anniversary, the state of Kentucky has just officially proclaimed April 26th as Shared Parenting Day. Read about the special day on The Mountain Advocate!


A New Survey Shows That Families Are Facing Alzheimer’s More Openly

Alzheimer’s is coming out of the shadows in New Jersey, but many families struggling with it aren’t being guided to services that could help them cope.

Those are the key findings from a statewide survey done by Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind for Alzheimer’s New Jersey.

The survey found 89 percent of people concerned about memory loss went to see a doctor about the problem, and 87 percent received a formal diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia.

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The Salvation Army Serves Thanksgiving Breakfast To Hundreds Of Guests

This Thanksgiving, The Salvation Army served breakfast to hundreds of guests at its annual event. This year, Eastwick College hosted the breakfast. Read about the event!




Dr. Carl Moroff from National Vision Administrators (NVA) Shares “5 Reasons to Talk About Vision Benefits”

Are you talking about vision benefits when reviewing your clients’ or company’s overall health benefits? It may be an afterthought, but a vision benefit is a valuable asset to include in your benefit plan.

Dr. Carl Moroff, Chief Vision Officer at NVA, explains how a vision benefit helps members and why it’s so important to talk about during open enrollment in an article that just appeared in!

Dr. Jeff Werber Shares the Six Most Toxic Halloween Candies for Dogs

It can be fun to encourage your pet to enjoy holidays with you, and it might be natural to wonder: can dogs eat chocolate or candy to share in the fun this Halloween? The short answer is “no.” While all sweets are potentially dangerous to dogs, some candies can cause major trouble and become a medical emergency if ingested.

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NJ Sharing Network’s Helen LaCarrubba Shares Six Things You Should Know About Her!

After Helen LaCarrubba graduated from Farleigh Dickinson University with a degree in medical technology, she saw a job posting at the NJ Sharing Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives through organ and tissue donation, for someone with blood bank experience. 
The Wayne resident has worked there for the past 21 years. Today, she is a molecular specialist who uses the latest DNA testing technology to facilitate donor-recipient matches.

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Alzheimer’s New Jersey Hosts Annual Walk to Fight Alzheimer’s

Congressman Chris Smith and hundreds of family members and supporters of Alzheimer’s patients were in Point Pleasant Beach for the 2018 Walk to Fight Alzheimer’s, hosted by Alzheimer’s New Jersey.

The group’s president and CEO Kenneth Zaentz, Mayor Steve Reid and other leaders were also present to kick off the walk.

Teams of walkers raised money for Alzheimer’s New Jersey’s services for local Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers; 100 percent of the funds raised at the walk will support these services.

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Jersey Girl Cooks Reviews the Power Air Fryer

Lisa from Jersey Girl Cooks shows us how to make her “Crispy Air Fryer Chicken Wings” with her all new Power Air Fryer from TriStar! Lisa says “This lucky Jersey Girl has another appliance to test in my kitchen. I am loving it and one of the main reasons is that my husband and teenage son love it too. They have been making batches and batches of chicken wings. There are many reasons to like the Power Air Fryer Oven. The oven is versatile, simple and many recipes can be prepared quicker than with a traditional cooking method.”

Crispy Air Fryer Chicken Wings

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