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Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” and we believe this is true. So do our education clients, who are devoted to transforming education, creating equity, and helping kids grow and thrive.

Rosica serves as a strategic, thinking partner to its education clients, who value the depth and breadth of our experience  in the sector. We have critical education domain expertise and are on top of the latest trends shaping the industry. We speak at education industry conferences and write books to share expert views on social media marketing, AI in communications, crisis communications, and other critical topics.

From universities, charter schools, and educational publishers to ed-tech companies, nonprofits, and classroom furniture innovators, Rosica has helped education PR clients achieve their visibility, storytelling, reputation management, and internal/external communications objectives. Based on our partners’ specific business goals, we provide them with crisis communications, thought leadership development, media relations, media training, writing services, sales meeting management, media events, tradeshow/conference marketing and PR support, digital marketing (SEO and online advertising), social media, and corporate communications services. We work extensively with for-profit and not-for-profit education companies to help manage perception and tell our clients’ good news stories.

We have served such education clients as American Student Assistance (ASA), Florida International University, NSHSS, Open-Up Resources, Kentucky Educational Television, Pearson Learning, McGraw-Hill, Richard Milburn High Schools, Firefly Books, Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc., Kentucky Libraries, Tesseract Schools, Pitsco Inc. (Synergistic Systems and Pathways Learning Labs), NJ SEEDS, Behrman House, Mimosa Education, William H. Sadlier, National Computer Systems, Kumon, Maximus, State of NJ Department of Education, Newark Trust for Education, Prof. Jim, Huntington Learning Center, Jersey City Free Public Library, Addison-Wesley, and many others.

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Education PR

"The creative and successful media event you executed to promote fibromyalgia awareness not only reached legislators but delivered our message to the general public through the mass media you secured."

Karen Boykin-Towns,
Senior Director / Team Leader, Government Relations, Pfizer Inc.

"Chris Rosica led two public speaking and media training sessions with 17 of Covanta’s managers from plants throughout the New York/New Jersey region. One manager from our Niagara facility conducted an interview two weeks after the training and aced it. We credit this to Rosica."

Hank Asher,
Business Manager, Covanta Essex Company

"I received the email campaign that captures all of the wonderful coverage the Rosica team generated for Johnson & Johnson’s FIRST Robotics Competition. This was sent to all our partners and generated a significant response. WOW! Awesome!"

Donald H. Bowers,
Regional Director, Mid-Atlantic FIRST, Johnson & Johnson

“A long-time provider of digital marketing services, Rosica knows the digital space and how to leverage PR coverage to accelerate ROI. It’s rare that a PR firm possesses the online marketing chops this agency does – and it’s no wonder; they started a digital agency more than 15 years ago! Rosica brings a unique perspective and is truly focused on adding value and maximizing deliverables.”

Ronald Chaluisán Batlle,
MEd, MA, Executive Director, Newark Trust for Education

“Through Rosica’s counsel and SalesSmart PR strategy, we leveraged a TV interview the agency secured for us on Bloomberg Television and landed a new multi-year, multi-million-dollar relationship that spanned 15 years. This was perhaps the best ROI I’ve gotten from PR, or any other agency partner we’ve hired. A smart PR and marketing team is an understatement!”

Mike Ferranti,
CEO, Endai

“Rosica PR delivered tremendous media results and helped boost sales by more than one million dollars in the first year of our campaign”

Maureen Wales,
VP Marketing Pearson Learning

“When disaster hit in the middle of the night, the Rosica team responded. Within 24 hours, they secured media attention that raised $30,000. They had a direct impact on our ability to serve the community, and that’s a true partnership.”

Lieutenant Colonel Ricardo Fernandez,
Former Divisional Commander, The Salvation Army Greater New York Division

"Rosica has helped bring awareness to adult illiteracy like no other organization in the nation. They are the authority on education, cause marketing and community relations.”

Pat Johnston,
National Chair, Literacy Volunteers of America

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