Defining measurable PR objectives is key to any successful campaign. We work with our clients to set measurable goals for PR campaigns and use the Internet to track results.

While PR is a content generation tool that supports SEO, social media marketing and online sentiment and reputation management, and does not always generate sales leads, through our Sales Smart PRsm  process, we work to leverage the placements and content that we generate. The key is to utilize PR in connection with SEO and social — then measure outcomes. To better help you measure public relations results, we can monitor and evaluate the following methods and metrics:

  • Traffic to a client website from specific media websites
  •  Hits to a designated PR landing page or URL
  • Sales growth (i.e., overall, in targeted regions, among certain audiences, etc.); this requires feedback from your sales force and access to analytics
  • Rate of customer response to placements and content the hits generate (conversion rates and social sharing); this may require that the call to action (CTA) on your site be modified
  • Number of web searches for your company or brand name over time and in conjunction with notable media placements
  • Blog and online media lead generation to your site
  • Content created (volume, relevance and quality)
  • Number of social media followers
  • Number of comments or shares of articles through social media channels
    (e.g., Facebook shares, re-tweets, etc.)
  • Number of inbound links built from powerful media sites (fortifies SEO)
  • Public or audience perception, utilizing proven survey tools
  • Key messaging inclusion
  • Quality and quantity of relationships with media and analysts

Please contact us to discuss a customized measurement approach that fits your needs.