Integrated Marketing Communications


S.O.S Means Marketing Help

Media placements, news releases, bylined articles, white papers and other credible content are the results of any strong PR effort. These assets appeal to search engines like Google, which value unique and relevant information such as articles, images and videos. Before sharing information online, we recommend the S.O.S. approach, which can be systemized to ensure public relations and other communications activities work even harder to elevate your visibility.

Synopsize – Taking powerful content, such as an article that runs in a noteworthy trade publication or national consumer magazine, and sharing it – should be done with deliberation and a strategic mindset. In order to expand your reach on the Web, it is vital to create a unique post about each news story that we generate on your behalf. This should include key elements of the original article and a link to it on the media’s website. Since unique content is what search engines value most, this step, like the others below, is indispensable.

Optimize – The unique posts created, which can be published on your blog or website, must be search optimized to get the maximum value. We can conduct keyword research on your behalf and optimize posts accordingly after establishing your objectives, or we can tee these up for your in-house or external web marketing folks. It is important to optimize images and videos as well through proper coding/tagging

Syndicate – After the PR asset, whether it is an image, video, news release or article, is turned into unique and search-optimized content, it should be syndicated or widely shared through RSS, blog posts, social media sites, email marketing, websites, sales communiques, and other channels. In addition, blogs can easily be setup to syndicate articles to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

With this process, PR helps build your social presence and support your SEO efforts.