Intervet Schering-Plough Animal Health: Bringing Lost Pets Home Again

Studies show that the vast majority of people who own pets think of them as family members. That’s why Intervet Schering-Plough Animal Health (ISPAH) recognized its pet identity microchip, HomeAgain, as a product with strong consumer appeal. Other similar products were already on the market, but HomeAgain had differentiating features, such as its Pet Rescuer Network, which brought pet owners, the veterinary community and first responders together in a unified effort to identify lost pets and bring them home again.

Our media strategy leveraged the emotional bond between companion animals and their owners by telling authentic, heartfelt stories about lost pets being reunited with their families, thanks to HomeAgain. We generated more than two and a half billion consumer print and broadcast media impressions in less than five years, plus millions of targeted media impressions in veterinary trade and pet-specific publications.

Rosica drove consumer demand with a pull-through strategy that inspired pet owners to ask veterinarians for HomeAgain by name. We developed a powerful messaging platform that highlighted the product’s reliability, effectiveness and safety, which is paramount to consumers and vets alike.

To build on this, we created the HomeAgain Heroes Award, which recognized individuals who made significant contributions to the welfare of companion animals. By recognizing these individuals and telling their stories, the Rosica team created a fresh trade and consumer media strategy and a powerful way to connect with shelters and those who care for companion animals.

To further heighten awareness for the brand, we forged a partnership with actress Betty White, well known for her love of animals who advocated on behalf of HomeAgain. In addition to directing a PSA with White, which was syndicated online and shared socially, Rosica secured a top-tier placement on The View. Website traffic spiked as did social media traffic. This surge of media attention reached tens of millions of viewers and led to a double-digit increase in sales, despite increased competition and new microchips/technologies coming on to the market.