Open Up Resources: Opening Up Quality Education for All

In an ideal world, high quality education and learning would be equally available to all students and educators. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, especially when it comes to underserved inner city and rural populations. That’s where Open Up Resources (OUR) comes in, as a nonprofit that has a mission of increasing equity in education by making efficacious, top-rated curricula freely available to school districts. OUR embeds socio emotional learning (SEL) into their curricula, proactively addressing one of the biggest challenges students face.

Rosica partnered with OUR to bring their story of educational equity and availability to as many educators as possible to effectively and sustainably improve student outcomes. We did this by teaming up with the nonprofit’s CEO, Jessica Sliwersky, a former educator, to articulate and make relevant the OUR story. We managed a thought leadership program that included securing bylined articles on relevant topics impacting education today in educational trade publications and interviews with leading trade and consumer media outlets including THE Journal, Education Talk Radio, Eschool News, School Business Affairs, and others.

We also developed social media content on timely education industry topics, such as SEL, youth literacy, equity, and the importance of professional development for teachers. This content was repurposed for thought leadership development, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and stakeholder communications. In this way, OUR achieved broader exposure and impact.