NJ Sharing Network: Saturating NJ Media with Organ Donation News

NJ Sharing Network, a nonprofit committed to saving lives through organ and tissue donation in New Jersey, engaged Rosica to raise awareness of its life-saving cause. Their primary challenge was to overcome people’s reluctance to register to become organ donors and their goal was to raise awareness of why people should. Our earned media results blanketed the state, with news about the urgent need for organ donation. We generated approximately 200 earned media placements per year, encompassing most daily and local newspapers, wire services, and broadcast outlets in the state.

While we employed many media strategies to achieve those results, a good portion of our success lay in telling human interest stories. Our publicity made an indelible impact as we used multiple voices to talk about the life-saving power of organ donation. We leveraged relationships with dozens of reporters and producers and localized the news to produce stories like this in-depth Asbury Park Press piece about a woman whose new lung put her on a mission to save lives.

In keeping with our strategic plan, we reached multiple stakeholders on an ongoing basis, including consumers, legislators, chambers of commerce, business donors, volunteers, educators, clergy members, organ donor families, and recipients. We spotlighted business and healthcare partners to spur more corporate and healthcare-related action, as in this story that honored University Hospital for its efforts to promote organ donation. We also cultivated thought leadership for the organization’s leaders, working collaboratively to write and then place op-eds on the staggering number of people in New Jersey waiting for a transplant and the miracle of life for those receiving organ transplants. Each year we agreed upon a target number of placements devoted to telling in-depth NJSN stories, and each year of our engagement we met or exceeded expectations.

Results: Due to Rosica’s efforts, NJSN secured more publicity than any other Organ and tissue procurement organization in the U.S.