Morph Wheels: Reinventing the Wheel–The World’s First Folding Wheelchair

morph_onchair_wlogoHow do you make it easier for the 2.2 million Americans who depend on a wheelchair to travel? Invent the world’s first folding wheelchair tire. Inspired by a breakthrough folding bicycle wheel, Maddak Inc. worked with the inventor to modify that innovation for wheelchair use and created Morph Wheels. The company tapped Rosica to roll out the story to trade and consumer media. The goal was to raise awareness and position Morph Wheels as a life-changing solution for wheelchair users during travel – whether by plane, train or automobile.

Rosica emphasized the novel, interactive, and hands-on aspects of Morph Wheels in its media outreach and engaged national TV shows such as Fox & Friends, CNN and print media like USA Today to develop segments and features. Additional pitches were holiday gift and travel-related, which generated coverage in major markets and in specialty health and retail trade publications. Placements consistently educated the broader community on the needs of wheelchair users who frequently travel, and positioned Morph Wheels as a welcome solution. As a result of Rosica’s outreach to Popular Science, the magazine named Morph Wheels to its 2013 Best of What’s New in Health list.