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Legacy Food Manufacturer, New York-based Hanan Products Partners with Rosica Communications

Hanan Products, a 74-year-old, third-generation company from Hicksville, NY with an international presence, has tapped Rosica Communications for public relations and marketing services. Rosica and Hanan, both family-owned companies, are partnering to grow Hanan’s Thought Leadership presence, promote its new products, and grow the brand nationally. An award-winning food PR agency, Rosica draws on its 40 years of experience to elevate Hanan’s visibility in food trades as well as consumer/business media.

All-natural and vegan foods are trending in the food industry, and Hanan has been developing products in these categories to meet the demand. When the campaign first began, Rosica’s strategy was to leverage Hanan’s new products, HPT PURE and Whip Deelite PURE, and the untold family business story to elevate the company’s thought leadership and brand presence. Media results have yielded prodigious results, reaching numerous trade publications in the baking, whole foods, and foodservice sectors along with regional and national business outlets.

“We partnered with Rosica because we wanted to work with a like-minded firm, one that puts quality and service first,” said Ryan Hanan, Chief Operating Officer at Hanan Products. “Rosica understands our business objectives. That, combined with their deep food industry expertise, will give us a real advantage.”

Read about Rosica and Hanan’s partnership here:

Why Cause Marketing Matters

What is cause marketing or cause-related marketing (CRM) and why is it important?

Cause marketing is a public relations and marketing strategy. By forging an alliance with a nonprofit or “cause,” a company can leverage the public’s demand for socially responsible corporations and achieve its business objectives. Its relevance and power has never been more important than it is today.

Did you know that up to now, only 5% of all nonprofit giving came from corporations? This indicates that companies must not know the value or understand the impact – on business and marketing. Here are some important facts about cause marketing:

  • Successful cause marketing can bolster sales, build brand awareness, improve employee morale, help manage or avoid a crisis, create a fresh public relations strategy, all while making a positive contribution to the community
  • 84% of Americans think charitable giving by corporations is important (product, dollars, services) and a company’s charitable giving affects nearly three-quarters (73%) of Americans’ purchase decisions
  • Cause marketing demonstrates compassion and community involvement, which leads to improved recognition/awareness, emotional connectivity with customer, and increased loyalty
  • 89% of consumers say they want brands to shift money and resources to produce products that help people meet pandemic-related challenges

In partnership with Lakeland Bank today, Chris Rosica, president of Rosica Communications, presented on this timely topic – highlighting cause-related case studies and instructions from his book, The Business of Cause Marketing. These included:

  • Selecting a strategic charity/cause marketing partner
  • Ensuring your cause-related marketing initiatives get noticed
  • Utilizing CRM to bolster reputation management and impact crisis communications
  • Executing media events that command attention
  • Coordinating photo opportunities and visuals that appeal to media, which typically ensures media coverage
  • Measuring the impact on employee retention and customer and public perception

There are numerous cause marketing examples Rosica’s PR agency has been involved with, including Famous Amos Cookies, Rollerblade, Stew Leonard’s, HALOLIFE, Healing Hands, Verizon, ShopRite, and numerous others. All garnered print and broadcast media coverage with clear and compelling messages about the company and its mission, and some campaigns won national awards for the results.

When it comes to photo opportunities, here are a few we created, resulting in tremendous media coverage:

  • “Kicking off” Boys & Girls Clubs week for Boys & Girls Clubs on the 50-yard-line of Giants Stadium with kids, the State Director of BGCNJ, and a former Giants player
  • Instead of a traditional ribbon-cutting to open a new restaurant in Ridgewood, New Jersey, we created an ice sculpture ribbon and had the executive chef, restaurant owner, and mayor cut the “ribbon” with a chainsaw
  • Rather than the predictable oversized check presentation to a nonprofit, on behalf of a leading supermarket client, we created the world’s smallest $10,000 check – with a giant magnifying glass, which we gave to a hospice organization

These are just a few examples from Rosica’s book, The Business of Cause Marketing, that he discussed at this seminar. Rosica says, “Do good and do well.”

Newark Trust for Education Shares How Students Can Succeed During COVID-Era Learning

Going back to school for the 2020-2021 school year will look very different for students, parents, teachers, and administrators. Education nonprofit Newark Trust for Education Executive Director Ronald Chaluisan participated in ABC New York’s “Back to School Town Hall,” an hour-long show on how to help children succeed in this new learning environment.

One of the central points Chaluisan made is that learning is a social activity and, whether going back to school or learning remotely, we should always be thinking of how to safely increase socialization for students so they can succeed emotionally and academically. He also commented that communication between parents and children is important, and having an open dialogue before going back into the classroom can be helpful. This means asking kids questions along the lines of what excites them about the new school year, their plans, and their concerns. He suggests having parents and children role-play situations, like the child seeing his or her friends at school again.

Another education-related issue Chaluisan brought up is anxiety. We need to acknowledge that the world has changed, and so have children’s relationships. Having activities like a peer-to-peer forum would allow these kids to either rebuild or build up new relationships with others. Parent-to-parent forums to discuss how they feel and what is working for them are also very helpful in easing parents’ anxieties.

He looks at this situation as an opportunity to better our education system and bring about more equity – in instruction, technology, socio-emotional learning, communication, and resources. He believes inequity in schools can turn into a front-burner issue that brings parents’, students’, and teachers’ voices together. Watch the Town Hall segment here:

New Jersey Teen Named Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year

For more than 15 years, Rosica Communications has provided public relations, marketing, and communications services to Boys & Girls Clubs in New Jersey. Today is International Youth Day, and we’d like to recognize Tatiana Cruz, Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s New Jersey Youth of the Year winner. Cruz was selected for her leadership, service, academic excellence, and dedication. She is incredibly involved in her community and is a dedicated member of Boys & Girls Clubs of Hudson County, where for the past eight years, she has held leadership positions. She’s been a member of Junior ROTC, a volunteer with Jersey City Medical Center, and a Boys & Girls Club workforce development program participant. She has also participated in many Club programs such as Career Launch and Diplomas to Degrees, as well as an array of other activities. Cruz is extremely well-rounded, making her the ideal honoree for the Youth of the Year title.

“It’s amazing to be chosen. I’m essentially a role model for club kids, and non-club kids,” Cruz said. “I am honored to promote an organization that cares so much about social justice issues, plus such issues as college career readiness, especially among minority youth.”

Youth of the Year is a national competition hosted by Boys & Girls Clubs of America for high school students to compete for college scholarships and receive ongoing personal and professional development. Cruz won a $12,500 scholarship from Boys & Girls Clubs in New Jersey and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Read more about Cruz and her Youth of the Year award here:

NSHSS Conducts Gen Z Career Interest Survey

A survey recently conducted by The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) reveals workplace benefits Gen Z students care about most and where they’d prefer to work.

Each year, NSHSS distributes a survey asking high school and college students about their future plans and aspirations. This year, 14,000 students completed the survey.

NSHSS President James Lewis said, “This is a group of empowered young adults who intend to shape the problems and opportunities they face, not stand on the sidelines. They told us human rights is a primary concern, followed by healthcare and education. Gen Z will be bringing their social justice agenda to the workplace; they expect future employers to reflect their convictions, including having women and racially diverse individuals in leadership positions.”

Survey results show Gen Z places importance on social justice and ranks health insurance over pay and flexible work schedules. This generation is most interested in medical careers, skills development (rather than simply acquiring knowledge), being able to pay off student loans, and having a feeling of balance and belonging. Top employers Gen Z would like to work for include local and regional hospitals, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Mayo Clinic, Google, and Walt Disney Company.

Read more about this in-depth Gen Z workplace survey here:

The Salvation Army Provides Youth with a Camp Experience Despite COVID-19

Most camps are closed, but thanks to the Salvation Army of Greater New York, children are now enjoying a camp experience – from their homes. Underserved kids and families are receiving games, activities, arts and crafts supplies, even snacks, sunglasses, and t-shirts, delivered to their residences.

Once a week, “campers” will receive a box with different themed items and activities they would get if they were actually attending camp in person.

Each fun and educational box addresses areas of concern, such as food insecurity, summer learning loss/regression, and anxiety/stress. With a mission to provide services to children in need, every child will also be assigned a virtual camp counselor to interact with, whether over the phone or through video chat.

Nonprofit New York Cares volunteers meet with the Salvation Army of Greater New York staff and volunteers to assemble and deliver more than 1,000 boxes each week providing kids this welcomed reprieve throughout New York’s five boroughs, the Hudson Valley, and Long Island.

CBS New York, Fox 5 New York, and Spectrum 1 News covered the story. You can find CBS New York’s story here and a video from Fox 5’s segment here.

Newark Public Library Names New Director

Recently covered by ROI-NJ and other New Jersey media outlets, Joslyn Bowling Dixon, who has more than 20 years of experience working in large urban public libraries, has been appointed as the Newark Public Library’s new director. Effective August 3, Bowling Dixon will oversee the Library and its community branches. She will also advance the Library’s initiatives by building partnerships with Newark’s cultural and educational communities, supporting fundraising efforts, and more. Ready to move through the challenges between the online and virtual world, she seeks to strengthen the ties the Library has to the community.

Newark Public Library’s President Lauren Wells says, “The board of trustees is excited to welcome Joslyn because we see in her someone who understands the needs of diverse communities, young people, and families. We are certain her leadership will enhance library partnerships, broaden access to funding, and drive breakthrough programming. I believe Joslyn’s experience, spirit of collaboration, and enthusiasm to become a part of our library and city make her the leader we need for these times, and beyond.”

The announcement has received such publicity as ROI-NJ, Spot On New Jersey, and Newark Newsbreak.

Newark Trust for Education Talks School Reopenings

We recently secured coverage on for education thought leader Newark Trust for Education. The Trust’s Executive Director Ronald Chaluisan spoke about his thoughts on New Jersey schools reopening this fall after closing in March because of COVID-19.

Reopening schools after students have been learning at home for months comes with complications. Educators and school officials have conflicting thoughts on the state’s new back-to-school guidelines: are they too strict or are they too vague? Different school districts, whether urban or suburban, have different needs. For Newark, Chaluisan’s main concern is about the digital divide students face; many children may not have access to the internet or technology they need to succeed. The city has 55,000 students and one device is typically not enough for an entire household. The state’s guidelines also do not indicate how schools will know if their reopening strategy is effective or not.

In the article, Chaluisan is quoted, “We could talk about reopening, flexibility, local decision-making, but one of those guideposts needs to be — ‘We will be successful if…’ And since the state holds that definition, it’s important they make that explicit.”

You can read the full article here: 

Social Media and Social Distancing

Effectively focusing on social media during a time of social distancing can be a challenge for many organizations. For starters, employees can’t get together for photos and videos on social media channels. In addition, staffing cuts and reassignments make it difficult to prioritize social content when more critical communiques are needed nonstop.

So, how important is social media at this time and how can it really help you?

4 Key Benefits of Social Media – During and Post Pandemic

Social media is a powerful tool that often is not used to its full capacity, especially in B2B marketing.

Many of your stakeholders are stuck at home and are frustrated, distracted, even struggling. By harnessing the power of social media, you can cost-effectively yield four primary benefits. These are: 1) Maintaining connectivity with stakeholders; 2) Developing organic, authentic content that people want and need; 3) Supporting content marketing through syndication and promotion; and 4) Proactively managing your reputation online.

Maintaining Connectivity with Stakeholders

Staying top of mind with key stakeholders can go far to grow sales, keep existing customers informed, and maintain strong communications with investors. Social media offers your VIPs a steady stream of digestible content, which demonstrates relevance and continuity – especially during challenging times. It can show you care, are listening, and are available to help solve timely problems. At this time your social presence can be more crucial than ever before. While social distancing is likely to persist at some level into the foreseeable future, maintaining your online presence and increasing social media engagement can keep you and your clients connected.

Developing Organic, Authentic Content

Creating content is necessary to continuously develop your company’s social channels. Search engines are programmed to ignore duplicated content, which is why authentic copy is crucial for your business. You want to get on a schedule of when to post organic, authentic, and relevant content on your website, social channels, and in blogs. Not only does this help boost your online visibility, but it benefits your clients or customers by keeping them well-informed and in the loop. It is important to ensure that your content is not overly promotional or commercial and that you are sincerely looking to add value. You want to help others and build a following, not turn them off.

Content Syndication & Promotion

Building and syndicating content allows your company to attract more web traffic and expand your reach. By using a variety of channels and integrating these, along with your marketing messages, you can expand reach, visibility, and brand exposure. This holds true whether you are a person, for-profit, nonprofit, brand, or municipality. As people are generally staying home, this can play to your advantage as your audience is “captive.”

Be aware of your company’s strengths and submit guest articles to relevant industry publications to draw more attention, LinkedIn engagement, and website traffic. Any time your company is mentioned in an article or news site, summarize it, use industry key phrases, post it on your website, and share it across your social media channels. This draws attention to your business while also developing connection between industry platforms and your site.

Managing Your Reputation Online

Your social media accounts help “control” your business’ narrative and perception among key stakeholders. Managing your social media presence by responding to comments and interacting on your followers’ posts can help maintain a connection between your organization and its target audiences. The lines of communication you establish with customers through online platforms shows who you are as a brand, which, in turn, can create a stronger or more positive reputation online.

Your organization’s reputation online is increasingly important as most people/companies search online before purchasing products or services. While people are isolating, a reputation online is even more vital to maintaining your reputation and brand integrity; it can ensure that your messaging and image are effectively being managed.

These social connections are essential to keeping and increasing customer loyalty. Interacting with your customers on your posts keeps driving relationships.

People look for communication during uncertain times; by continuously doing this, you are staying top-of-mind while also giving them something to consider while they are at home working, hanging with their kids, or watching a show on Netflix.

A strong social media presence is important in this time of social distancing. It can go far to increase engagement among stakeholders, grow your content marketing, and manage your reputation.

To receive a sneak peek of Chris Rosica’s forthcoming book, The Power of B2B Social Media – The Marketing Strategy You Can’t Afford to Ignore, email with “Sneak Peek” in the subject line.

National Society for High School Scholars Makes National News

Rosica Communications helped the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) make national news with an in-depth article in Newsweek. National Society of High School Scholars is a distinguished academic honor society, committed to recognizing and serving high achieving student scholars in more than 26,000 high schools across 170 countries.

The article reported on findings from a new national survey that NSHSS conducted among more than 2,000 high school students. Among other information, the article discusses the implications online only schooling could have on many college campuses next year, with 32% of incoming college freshman saying they would defer admission to next year. NSHSS President James Lewis, talks about his belief that students will continue to attend these institutions despite the online schooling and continue pursuing their college education to earn a degree.

According to the NSHSS survey, over 94% of respondents surveyed are pretty hopeful or very hopeful that they will achieve a college education, which is most important to the students and college administration. Students will to adapt to the new e-learning style even if it is not their preference for learning. However, according to the survey, 53% of students surveyed prefer in-person classes but could deal given the circumstances. This speaks volumes. The students understand that online learning is less than ideal but will adjust and continue to accel in their education.

In the article, Lewis is quoted, “I think that students will adapt, and institutions will get better at delivering the college experience in a virtual way,” Lewis told Newsweek. “Students may complain about the things they are missing, but I am confident that they will make the best of the situation.”

To view the entire story click here