We Are Looking For Great People To Join Our Team – AE and SAE Positions Open

Rosica Communications is looking for a driven PR pro with a passion for, and experience in, healthcare and business-to-business communications. We are a full-service public relations and online marketing agency with a 35+ year history. Ideal candidates will excel at client service and be smart go-getters with an ownership mindset and who work well in a fast-paced environment.

Responsibilities include:

  • Leading and managing multiple accounts, serving as the day-to-day client contact
  • Developing and implementing strategic communications plans, managing budgets, resources and deadlines to ensure account efficiency and profitability
  • Developing media pitches, conducting media outreach and serving as the media relations account team lead
  • Becoming a subject matter expert in all client industries and businesses
  • Writing various press releases, bylined articles, whitepapers, webinars speeches, etc.
  • Supervising and coaching junior staff including reviewing and supporting work to ensure all client activities and account goals are met
  • Ensuring all client reporting is completed in a timely manner
  • Social media content and campaign development
  • Participating in new business development
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Communications, Marketing or other commensurate field
  • At least three years of public relations/communications agency experience
  • Demonstrates knowledge of all media channels and has placement record in relevant healthcare, consumer and business media
  • Demonstrates knowledge of healthcare industry including the regulatory, legislative and clinical environments across several businesses (med device, pharma, health IT, etc.)
  • Strong writing, editing and verbal communications skills
  • Professional, resourceful, diligent and detail-oriented
  • Continually demonstrates proactivity, creativity and passion
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite

Note: Full-time position, salary commensurate with experience

Email resume to pr@rosica.com


All Natural Greek Pistachios Set New Standard For Premium Taste, Freshness And Quality

Hellas Farms Brings the Flavors of Greece to America’s Favorite Nut

Pistachios have become one of America’s favorite nuts and they’re about to get even better with Hellas Farms’ introduction of Greek Pistachios. The all-natural, handpicked nuts are sun-dried and slowly roasted for a distinctive new flavor. The company combines traditional, Old World harvesting, preparing and roasting practices with state-of-the-art packaging technology that ensures the nuts’ freshness. This unique marriage of “old” and “new” results in a sophisticated taste and premium quality that sets Hellas Farms Greek Pistachios apart from other pistachios currently sold in the U.S.

“Just like Americans have embraced Greek yogurt, we know that they will love our pistachios and choose them over other pistachios,” said Nikos Papageorgiou, Managing Partner of Hellas Farms. “Because of how we harvest and package them, they taste as fresh as if they were picked that very day in Greece.  There are simply no other pistachios like them on the market.”

Like nearly all Greek pistachios, Hellas Farms pistachios are grown on farms situated only a few miles from the Mediterranean Sea. This particular microclimate, along with the soil composition, creates a uniquely sweet and nutty flavor. The pistachios are harvested and prepared using traditional, non-mechanical methods, after which they are sun dried for four to five days, seasoned with sea salt for 24 hours and then slowly roasted. Hellas Farms uses specially-designed packaging to capture and ensure their natural taste and freshness.

A healthy alternative to high-calorie snacks, Hellas Farms Greek Pistachios are a good source of fiber, protein, magnesium, potassium, iron and monounsaturated fat. They contain no trans-fat or cholesterol and are naturally gluten-free, with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Hellas Farms’ Greek Pistachios are sold in 1.75-ounce bags and retail approximately $2.99. They can be purchased online on Amazon.com. They can also be found in more than 100 retail outlets throughout the Metro New York area. For more information, please visit www.hellasfarmsusa.com.

About Hellas Farms LLC

Hellas Farms LLC, based in New York, NY, is an international importer of Greek specialty foods, including Hellas Farms Greek Pistachios. The company is committed to bringing The Flavors of Greece™ to Americans with healthy and delicious foods.

We Are Looking For Great People To Join Our Team

Rosica Communications is currently looking for creative and passionate entry-level PR and social media candidates to join our growing team (Account Coordinators and Assistant Account Executives). We are a full-service public relations and online marketing agency with clients in the healthcare, technology, food and beverage, consumer products and non-profit sectors. Ideal candidates will be smart and passionate and possess an ownership mindset in achieving client and agency goals.

Responsibilities include:

  • Conducting media outreach
  • Writing press materials (press releases, pitches, fact sheets, etc.)
  • Media list development using Cision
  • Handling media monitoring and clipping
  • Reporting (daily, monthly)
  • Social media content development/support
  • Participating in meetings and brainstorms
  • Conducting research
  • Overseeing or guiding interns
  • Assisting with presentations
  • Additional admin support for account teams


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Communications, Journalism, English or other field
  • Must have at least one year of agency experience (internships will be considered)
  • Strong writing, editing and verbal communications skills
  • Social media experience, including blogger outreach
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines
  • Professional, resourceful, diligent and detail-oriented
  • Continually demonstrates proactivity, creativity and passion
  • Proven media relations results
  • Knowledge of Cision and media monitoring services
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite

Note: Full time position, salary commensurate with experience

Please forward your resume to pr@rosica.com

NJ Sharing Network Sets Record For Organs Donated in 2015 Yet Scarcity of Organs Keeps 5,000 State Residents on Waiting List for Life-Saving Transplants

NJ Sharing Network, the non-profit, federally designated organization responsible for the recovery of organs and tissue in the state, set a record in 2015 for making organ transplants possible, with a total of 531. This represents a 37 percent increase from 388 transplants in 2014.  Tissue donation also reached an all-time high, with a seven percent increase from the prior year.  Kidneys were the most commonly donated organs, followed by liver, heart, lungs, pancreas and intestines. Tissue donation includes: corneas, bone grafts, skin grafts, ligaments and heart valves. One organ and tissue donor can save up to eight lives and restore the quality of life for as many as 50 people.

“The number of transplants made possible in 2015 is a testament to the dedication of our staff.  Our clinical employees perform at the highest level – including providing comprehensive support for our donor families – and our transplant laboratory continuously innovates to increase the number of lives we can save,” said Joe Roth, President and Chief Executive Officer, NJ Sharing Network. “However, transplants would not be possible without donors who have made the decision to the give the gift of life by registering and having a conversation with their families.”

There are currently 5,000 New Jersey residents awaiting a life-saving transplant and more than 1,000 of them joined the transplant waiting list in 2015. Every day, approximately three people are added to the New Jersey waiting list, and last year 90 people died while waiting for a transplant. One third of the people waiting for a kidney transplant have been waiting for more than three years.

At the end of 2014, Bill Heinz of Sparta, New Jersey was dying from the emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that were destroying his lungs. After four “false alarms” of potential transplants falling through, he underwent a successful transplant operation in August of 2015.

“A little more than a year ago I was on the organ transplant waiting list, hoping desperately for new lungs as my health rapidly deteriorated. Finally, I received a transplant and got a second chance at life,” said Heinz. “I don’t know who donated their lungs, but I do know that my family and I are eternally grateful and doing everything possible to raise awareness of the gift they shared. We won’t rest until everyone knows about the dire need for organs in New Jersey and considers becoming a registered donor. It literally takes a minute to register online.”

NJ Sharing Network’s 2015 organ and tissue donation record high mirrors that of the nation: the number of organ transplants performed exceeded 30,000 for the first time in the United States, as reported by United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), the organization that manages the nation’s organ transplant system. While this milestone reflects lives saved and enhanced, there are still more than 122,000 people nationwide waiting for the gift of life. Approximately 95 percent of Americans say they support organ donation, yet only about 40 percent are registered donors.

To date, more than 2.5 million New Jersey residents have registered as organ and tissue donors.  To learn more, get involved and register as an organ and tissue donor, visit www.NJSharingNetwork.org.

About NJ Sharing Network

NJ Sharing Network is a non-profit, federally designated organization responsible for the recovery and placement of donated organs and tissue for New Jersey residents in need of life-saving transplants. NJ Sharing Network partners with Donate Life America, a not-for-profit national alliance that drives communities to increase their numbers of registered donors. NJ Sharing Network honors those who gave, pays tribute to those who received, offers hope to those who continue to wait, and remembers the lives lost while waiting for the gift of life.

Register as an organ and tissue donor in just 60 seconds! NJ Sharing Network is the nation’s first OPO to launch Donate Life America’s new national, mobile-friendly registry. Visit our website and click “Register as an organ and tissue donor.” Then share your decision with friends and family. Ninety-five percent of Americans favor organ donation. The new registry lets you say “Yes to Life!” with just a few clicks.


ChloraDerm™ Antimicrobial Transparent Film Dressing receives FDA Clearance for 7-Day Catheter Site Protection Against MRSA and other Infection-Related Organisms

entrotech life sciences (ELS) (www.entrotechlifesciences.com) announced it received FDA 510k clearance of ChloraDerm™, the first and only edge-to-edge transparent film dressing to provide The Chlorhexidine Advantage™; a safe, colophony-and acid-free chlorhexidine matrix for wound and catheter site protection for up to seven days. Compared to common non-antimicrobial dressings ChloraDerm™ demonstrates substantially greater effectiveness against multi-drug-resistant organisms at one, three and seven days, without adding increased cost or complexity.

According to ELS CEO Jim McGuire, “entrotech exists to solve problems.  We are pushing the boundaries of infection prevention by delivering chlorhexidine to patients in ways previously thought impossible. Whether it is our lifesaving combat medical products or bedside nursing solutions, we discover new ways to save lives. ChloraDerm™ helps institutions achieve their goals of improving outcomes while lowering costs.”

Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSI) account for 40 percent of all healthcare associated infections, which afflict nearly 100,000 people per year. They can cause severe harm or death and cost more than $250M in patient treatment annually.  Microbial flora present on a patient’s skin during the extended use of intravenous catheters can lead to the development of CLABSIs.  The 2011 CDC Guidelines for the Prevention of Intravascular Catheter-Related Infections recommend Chlorhexidine impregnated dressings be considered for Central Venous Catheter CLABSI prevention.[1]

entrotech life sciences pioneered a platform technology that eluded researchers for the past 20 years through the invention of a patent-pending, non-thermal process for creating polymeric materials containing active chlorhexidine, the most effective antimicrobial for reducing skin bacteria. ChloraDerm™ is used to cover and secure primary dressings and protect wounds caused by percutaneous medical devices and achieves >4 Log10 reduction against yeasts and gram positive and negative bacteria, including multiple drug-resistant organisms (MRSA, MRSE, VRE, MDR).


About entrotech life sciences

entrotech life sciences (ELS | San Francisco, CA) helps healthcare professionals committed to infection prevention rethink what is possible in protection of catheter and surgical patients. ELS is affiliated with Entrogroup (est. 1999), an organization focused on inventing advanced lifesaving combat military products, smart device protectors, and environmentally-friendly, lightweight paint appliques. ChloraDerm™, the flagship ELS innovation, is the first and only transparent thin-film dressing with edge-to-edge Chlorhexidine, preventing bacterial regrowth with broad spectrum antimicrobial protection at the wound, primary dressing, or percutaneous medical device site for seven days. Visit: www.entrotechlifesciences.com/chloraderm

[1] http://www.cdc.gov/hicpac/BSI/02-bsi-summary-of-recommendations-2011.html#sp

Vicks and Braun Forehead Thermometers Found To Infringe Exergen Patents – Helen Of Troy Subsidiary Kaz Found Liable For Damages

A U.S. District Court of Massachusetts jury verdict has found Kaz USA, Inc. of Southborough, MA, a subsidiary of Helen of Troy, Ltd of Hamilton, Bermuda, and the supplier of the Vicks V977 Forehead Thermometer and the Braun FHT1000 Forehead Thermometer, to have infringed United States Patent Nos. 6,292,685 (‘685 patent) and 7,787,938 (‘938 patent) owned by Exergen Corporation.  All 12 claims asserted, including three claims in the ‘685 patent and nine claims in the ‘938 patent, were found valid and infringed.  The infringing Vicks and Braun forehead thermometers are made in China, designed and manufactured by Microlife Corporation of Taipei, Taiwan, and sold to retailers by Kaz USA.

After a two week trial and four hours of deliberation, the eight person federal jury entered a unanimous verdict for Exergen in all 65 questions placed before the jury regarding direct infringement, induced infringement, contributory infringement, patent validity, and damages owed to Exergen.

A recognized world leader in medical and industrial non-invasive temperature technologies, Exergen has been developing and patenting its non-invasive thermometer technology for three decades.  The company’s Founder and President Francesco Pompei, Ph.D, also a Harvard research scientist, is the inventor of over 60 issued United States patents.

“I started Exergen in my basement to develop new heat sensing technology in 1980 and since then have developed non-invasive temperature sensors that are used in a multitude of applications, from home and professional medical thermometers to heat sensors used by NASA,” says Dr. Pompei. “We are pleased that the U.S. Patent System and the Federal Courts make it possible for small companies like Exergen to protect our breakthrough patented technology and years of work to gain market acceptance from infringement by much larger companies and those who wished to ‘step on Exergen’s throat,’ as trial testimony indicated.”

Exergen’s patented award-winning TemporalScanner™ temporal artery thermometers are manufactured in Watertown, MA from components and materials sourced worldwide.  They are relied upon for fast, accurate, non-invasive temperatures in thousands of hospitals and clinics and millions of homes.  With more than 50 published clinical studies attesting to accuracy for all ages and all areas of medical care, the Exergen TemporalScanner is the #1 thermometer in proven accuracy, and the #1 preference of pediatricians, nurses, and moms.



New Nursing Study Shows Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer Increases Patient, Family and Provider Satisfaction; Speeds Triage Process

A new study published in American Journal of Nursing[1] affirms that temporal artery thermometers (TAT) improve pediatric care in emergency departments by providing a painless, noninvasive, accurate, and consistent method of screening patients. The study finds temporal artery thermometers to be the best practice for accurate temperature measurement for children younger than five years in the emergency department (ED), compared to rectal thermometry, an invasive form of measurement that slows the triage process.

The study was conducted at two medical center campuses in a multicenter health care network in Philadelphia – an 11-bed ED in a community setting and a 60-bed trauma center in an urban area. Participants were stratified on the basis of age (older than 90 days and less than five years) who presented no potential infectious complaints. Temporal artery thermometers were used to measure patient temperature and nurses completed evaluation forms to gather findings and reports.

The study shows all 18 nurses who completed the survey felt confident in the accuracy of measurement when using the TemporalScanner. Sixteen of those nurses strongly agreed that TAT measurement moved the patient through the triage process quickly; improving quality of care, satisfying both the patient and their family. Overall, the TemporalScanner was found effective in providing a less traumatizing method of temperature measurement.

“The adoption of the TemporalScanner in emergency departments allows nurses to provide consistent, quick and accurate readings in a noninvasive manner, which aligns with their preferred method of patient care,” said Francesco Pompei, Ph.D., CEO of Exergen Corporation. “The Exergen TemporalScanner’s accuracy is backed by more than 50-peer reviewed published clinical studies, setting it apart from other thermometers, and providing a more comfortable and accurate alternative to other temperature methods,” added Dr. Pompei.


Exergen markets two models of the TemporalScanner thermometer: a professional version for doctors’ offices and hospitals, and a consumer model sold in major retailers nationwide. More than one billion temperatures are taken each year with the TemporalScanner. It is used in thousands of hospitals, clinics and pediatricians’ offices across the country, as well as in millions of homes. It is the #1 preference of pediatricians in the US, #1 preference of nurses, and #1 selling retail thermometer. The Exergen TemporalScanner’s performance is supported by more than 50 peer-reviewed published studies covering all ages from preterm infants to geriatrics and all care areas from hospitals to homes. For additional information, visit www.exergen.com.

[1] Hurwitz, B., Brown, J., & Altmiller, G. (2015). Improving Pediatric Temperature Measurement in the ED.  American Journal of Nursing. 115(9), 48-55.

AIYA America Makes Loose Leaf Green Tea More Convenient With Organic Japanese Green Tea Bags

Aiya America, the world leader in harvesting and distributing premium quality teas, now puts its finest Japanese green tea in convenient, portable tea bags. Aiya’s Tea Taster’s Line is a collection of USDA certified organic green teas from Kagoshima, Kyushu, one of the largest tea producing regions in Japan. The Tea Taster’s line offers three different flavors: Organic Gyokuro, Organic Matcha Infused Sencha, and Organic Matcha Infused Genmaicha. The tea is packaged in pyramid-shaped bags that are specifically designed to protect the delicate tea leaves. This is Aiya’s first tea bag line, which they created to meet American’s desire for quicker and more convenient premium tea options.

As with all of its teas, Aiya hand-picked the three flavors in the line to match the tastes and desires of U.S. consumers. Featuring a delicate underlying umami flavor, Aiya’s Organic Gyokuro is one of the most prestigious Japanese teas and has a similar growing process to that of Matcha. It is largely grown in the shade, which gives it an elevated amount of L-theanine, known for its relaxing properties. The Organic Matcha Infused Sencha and the Organic Matcha Infused Genmaicha are Japan’s two most popular tea flavors, infused and dusted with Aiya’s finest Matcha green tea for a lingering sweet impression. As a refreshing, toasty blend that is naturally lower in caffeine, the Matcha Infused Genmaicha is ideal for enjoying in the evening, while the crisp, fresh Matcha Infused Sencha can be enjoyed any time of the day.

“We developed our premium, organic Tea Taster’s Line with the fast-paced U.S. market in mind,” says Fumi Sugita, Aiya America’s General Manager. “The tea is portable, convenient, and is perfect for people on the go and those who have just started exploring the art of tea.”

Aiya’s Organic Gyokuro, Organic Matcha Infused Sencha, and Organic Matcha Infused Genmaicha are offered in boxes of 15 pyramid tea bags and retail for $12.60, $9.20, and $8.90 per box, respectively. To purchase these teas or to learn more about all of Aiya’s product offerings, visit www.aiyamatcha.com.

About Aiya America

Aiya America is the U.S. branch of Aiya Co. Ltd., the world’s leading producer of Matcha, Japan’s most premium tea variety and a major ingredient for the food and beverage industry. Founded in 1888, Aiya is headquartered in Nishio city, Japan’s largest Matcha producing region. Aiya grows and manufacturers the purest and highest quality Matcha and supplies it to over 90%, 70% and 45% of the European, North American and Japanese markets, respectively. Known for its innovation, consistent quality and safety, Aiya’s mission is to share the goodness of Matcha through global education of its tradition, history, and science for good spirit and health. More information is available at www.aiya-america.com.