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Bid “Adieu” to Post-Holiday Blues

“Go Green” This Christmas

Lugging the lifeless family Christmas tree to the end of the driveway each year is not only difficult and messy, but can also be depressing. Yule Tree Farms in Oregon, creators of the “World’s First Designer Christmas Tree,” introduces the remedy to post-Christmas blues. Oregon’s Noble Vintage® Live is a container Christmas tree that can be planted permanently once the holiday season ends. “No one enjoys throwing out their Christmas tree,” explains Yule Tree Farms President, Joe Sharp, “and so few consumers are aware of organizations like Earth 911 that arrange for your tree to be picked up and recycled. Oregon’s Noble Vintage Live offers people the opportunity to keep their Christmas memories alive forever and benefit the environment in the process.”

A tight, self-contained root system and a unique “recipe” of pumice, compost, fine and coarse bark make Oregon’s Noble Vintage Live 30% lighter than other similarly-sized trees. “Normally live trees are associated with a heavy, unmanageable ball of roots and dirt,” says Sharp. “Our trees are easy to transport and settle in the earth immediately after being planted. We’re making it easy for consumers to have a ‘green Christmas’ this year!”

Oregon’s Noble Vintage Live trees are available in a variety of species, each with a different fragrance, shape and color:
Serbian Spruce
Norway Spruce
Colorado Spruce
Nordmann Fir
Canaan Fir
Balsam Fir

Distinguishable by a specially designed hangtag as its stamp of authenticity and planted in a silver pot, Oregon’s Noble Vintage Live is grown under strict supervision, to the exacting standards of expert growers. Prices start at $79.95 (lights not included). For more information on tree recycling programs like Earth 911, visit www.earth911.com.