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Mass Retailer Debuts High-Quality Oregon Trees for the 2006 Holiday Season

High-Quality Christmas Trees Arrive at Home Depot Stores

Home Depot stores throughout Arizona, Colorado and Albuquerque, New Mexico have partnered with Yule Tree Farms of Canby, Oregon to provide their customers with the highest quality Douglas and Noble Firs this holiday season. Yule Tree is one of the leading Christmas tree producers in the nation, harvesting more than 700,000 trees each year on 3,800 acres of fertile Willamette Valley soil. Yule Tree Farms President, Joseph Sharp, is excited to offer Home Depot customers the same freshness and quality that, in the past, have only been available at independent garden centers and nurseries.

Yule Tree Farms’ trees are grown from superior seed stock and nurtured for an average of ten years by expert growers with decades of experience. The trees are shaken in the fields to eliminate shedding after purchase and shipped in refrigerated trucks to preserve farm-freshness.

There has been a common misconception that the harvesting of real trees is detrimental to the environment when, in fact, the opposite is true. Christmas trees are grown, harvested and re-planted like corn, wheat or any other crop. To combat this myth, Yule Tree has partnered with environmental organizations such as Earth 911 that work with local municipalities to collect and recycle discarded Christmas trees at the end of each season. Because of their efforts to eliminate waste, preserve water and reduce soil erosion, Yule Tree will be featured in a Christmas technology segment on The History Channel, scheduled to air on December 20. The company is respected among its peers in the agricultural industry and has been honored by the Oregon Department of Agriculture for “Leadership in Conservation” and the Oregon Water Resources Department for “Environmental Stewardship of the Land and Water Quality.”