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The Perfect 10

New FOREVER10 Cut Diamond is Brighter and More Reflective

A new hearts-and-arrows diamond, The FOREVER10 (www.forever10.com), is now exclusively available at Master IJO Jewelers across the country. Experts consider a diamond’s cut the most important of the 4Cs. Regardless of carat, color or clarity, a poorly cut diamond is lackluster. That’s why the FOREVER10 is an exceptional heart-and-arrows diamond with added facets to reflect light.

While other hearts-and-arrows diamonds typically show a pattern of eight hearts and eight arrows (when viewed from above the crown and below the pavilion, respectively), the FOREVER10 has 10 perfect hearts and 10 perfect arrows, making it one of the most exquisite cuts in the world. The FOREVER10 is painstakingly cut and polished to perfection, faceted for maximum brilliance and dispersion. FOREVER10 diamonds are available from .25 to 3-ct., IF-SI2 clarity and D-K color with GIA and/or AGS certification.

The FOREVER10 will be one of IJO’s exclusive diamond cuts linked to www.IJOdiamonds.com. This interactive Web site not only allows customers to select and purchase loose diamonds in a variety of cuts, colors and sizes, but ships them without obligation or cost to the local Master IJO Jeweler where consumers can see it up close, consult the jewelry experts, and select a setting — if they decide that diamond is right for them. Unlike other diamond Web sites, www.IJOdiamonds.com also offers free shipping and the first year of insurance free on all loose diamonds.

“We are extremely excited about the introduction of the FOREVER10 to the IJO family of jewelry,” says Richard Swetz, Chairman of IJO. “This diamond stands apart, it is a real eye-catcher and the quality speaks for itself,” he added.

Independent Jewelers Organization (IJO), established in 1972, is the largest jewelry buying group in the world, with over 1,150 manufacturers, designers, and jewelry retailers. The purple and white logo displayed at Master IJO Jewelers assures consumers they will receive quality jewelry from a full service and knowledgeable expert in their community whom they can trust and that meets IJO’s strict standards. To find a Master IJO Jeweler, visit www.masterjeweler.com.