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A Tree for All Seasons

Yule Tree Farms introduces the perfect partner for spring tulips, summer impatiens, autumn mums and winter poinsettias. The creators of the world’s first designer Christmas tree has recently designed a tree for all seasons – Oregon’s Noble Vintage® Live, cultivated in Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley. Grown using Yule Tree Farms’ innovative pot-in-pot system, Oregon’s Noble Vintage Live has a tight, self-contained root system that settles in the earth immediately upon planting. A unique “recipe” of pumice, compost, fine and coarse bark also makes Oregon’s Noble Vintage Live 30% lighter than typical potted trees, allowing easy transport and handling.

“Homeowners invest so much time and effort in creating a beautiful outdoor setting for entertaining, relaxing… or just because,” explains Yule Tree Farms President, Joe Sharp. “We’re excited to offer a product that can be planted once and enjoyed year-round.” Backyard buffs can enjoy the potted tree on their deck or patio throughout spring, summer and fall. Once winter arrives, the tree can be brought indoors, decorated for Christmas, and then planted permanently to enjoy forever once the holidays are over.

Oregon’s Noble Vintage Live trees are available in a variety of species, each with a different fragrance, shape and color:

Serbian Spruce
Norway Spruce
Colorado Spruce
Nordmann Fir
Canaan Fir
Balsam Fir
Engleman Spruce

Distinguishable by a specially designed hangtag as its stamp of authenticity and planted in a silver pot, Oregon’s Noble Vintage Live is grown under strict supervision, to the exacting standards of expert growers.