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Noble Biomaterials Appoints John Way Director of Global Military & Medical Sales

Noble Biomaterials, Inc. is pleased to announce that Lt. Col. John R. Way, USMCR has been appointed as Director of Military and Medical Sales. In this capacity, he will be responsible for marketing the company’s silver technology X-Static® in the military and medical markets.

Previously, he was with PNC bank, N. A. specializing in energy and healthcare, and at Eli Lilly and Company, a major pharmaceutical company. As a senior sales representative for Lilly, he received numerous sales and coaching awards.

Upon graduation from Penn State University with a degree in Foreign Service and International Relations, Way was commissioned as an officer in the Marine Corps. He served in Latin America, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. He participated in counterinsurgency and counter-narcotics operations, in addition to Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield and was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal and the Combat Action Ribbon. Way returned to Penn State to earn his MBA with concentrations in finance and logistics. In 2004, he was recalled to active duty for a year in Iraq with the Marines in the Anbar Province.

“We are proud of what John Way has done for our country and excited to have him join Noble Biomaterials,” says Bill McNally, Founder and President of the Military and Healthcare Divisions, based in Scranton, PA. “With his background and credentials, we are certain that he will add a great deal to advancing our silver technology in the military and medical markets globally.”

“I hope that my experience as a Marine and sales expertise will be an asset to Noble Biomaterials,” says Way. “X-STATIC technology is already protecting the health, welfare, and morale of this country’s soldiers and several police forces. I look forward to developing strategies to take the military and healthcare benefits of X-STATIC to other nations around the world.”

Noble Biomaterials is best known for X-STATIC – The Silver Fiber® that has harnessed the anti odor, anti microbial, anti static and heat diffusion properties of silver by permanently bonding a layer of pure silver to fiber providing a sustained release of silver cations. X-STATIC is used by numerous market leading manufacturers as a component of medical devices and textiles, military uniforms, space suits, extreme sports wear and computer shielding.

The benefits of X-STATIC have been researched and tested for more than ten years by leading institutions around the world. Specifically developed for the conditions facing soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, over 100,000 X-STATIC Combat Shirts are now being utilized by the U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. Army Special Forces and U.S. Navy Seals, which have adapted the X-STATIC® Base Layer that protects against the weather and regulates body temperature.

Highly regarded in the medical community, X-STATIC can be found in Johnson & Johnson wound products. The company recently launched SilverSeal®; a line of FDA-approved wound care products to treat chronic wounds. SilverSeal Burn and Wound Care products use X-STATIC silver technology to provide continuous, broad-spectrum management of wounds and to provide an antimicrobial barrier.

For more information about Noble Biomaterials and/or X-STATIC® please visit www.x-static.com or call Ellyn Small, Rosica Strategic Public Relations, at 201-843-5600.