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Pilot Searches for a Cause

In the limelight since he was 12, 23-year-old Jamail Larkins feels he should use his high profile for mankind’s betterment. Jamail has become increasingly interested in the need for organ donors, specifically among African Americans.

As an official ambassador for the Federal Aviation Administration, Larkins would like to eventually see an organ donor box printed on all pilots’ licenses, similar to those on a driver’s license. As a member of an African American family, he recognizes the need for awareness in his community (18 people die each day waiting for organs and 35 percent of patients awaiting kidney transplants are black). However, after countless phone calls and mailings to numerous non-profits for organ donation, Larkins passion for this cause has not yet found a home. He offers his help at no cost to a non-profit.

It seems that the red tape surrounding most non-profits is putting the squeeze on the charitable spirit they were originally created to embrace. Responses like “we have already allocated donations for 2007” or “we don’t have enough staff to facilitate your contribution” ring fear into the heart of do-gooders everywhere, while, at the same time, all organ donations seem to be languishing.

As pioneers in cause related marketing for the past 27 years, we have seen a marked change in not for profit organizations and attitudes. Jamail wants to help and perhaps you can help him help.

Public Relations Contact: Rosica Strategic Public Relations