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The New X-Factor in Burn Care

Addition to Wound Healing, Product Line Comes in T-Shirt Form

SilverSeal® X-Shirt®, the latest innovation introduced by Noble Biomaterials, Inc is the first medical grade T-shirt of its kind. The T-shirt is made of 90% cotton and 10% X-Static® silver fiber and is latex free. The SilverSeal X-Shirt is used in the management of wounds on the upper torso and upper arms to provide the skin with an anti-microbial barrier, making it ideal for the management of burns. The medical community has given positive reviews to the application of the SilverSeal X-Shirt, used in the treatment of burn victims.

“We are extremely pleased with the latest addition to the SilverSeal line. The X-Shirt is truly a revolutionary garment in the treatment of burns and received high praise at the recent American Burn Association Conference in San Diego” states Ron Flormann, General Manager, Healthcare Division of Noble Biomaterials.

SilverSeal X-Shirt utilizes silver technology to provide continuous, sustained release of silver cations for broad-spectrum wound care. This is the same silver technology used in the manufacturer of SilverSeal and other advanced wound care products.

Noble Biomaterials, headquartered in Scranton, PA is the maker of X-STATIC and SilverSeal, has received numerous FDA approvals for their wound care products.

Noble Biomaterials is a leader in the manufacturing, development and sale of advanced biotechnology materials for the Healthcare, military, industrial and consumer markets. For more information about Noble Biomaterials, please visit www.noblebiomaterials.com.

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