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From Runway to Realway: Necklaces Take the Fashion Spotlight

The new status accessory this season is the statement necklace. From the catwalk to the red carpet, the necklace is enjoying a revival. Leading this comeback are Hollywood’s starlets such as Nicole Kidman, Laura Linney, and Keri Russell who each made a fashion statement at this year’s Oscars with gorgeous looks for the neck. But women who don’t have blockbuster budgets or fashion entourages can still borrow ideas from tinseltown and add drama to their own wardrobe. Jewelry is the key.

Necklaces can easily take an outfit from day into night and can help women get more play from fundamental pieces in their wardrobe, providing a variety of looks. When choosing quality pieces to add to your jewelry collection, select styles that are offered by Master IJO Jewelers. Master IJO Jewelers are hand picked by the Independent Jewelers Organization and adhere to an ethical code of conduct offering the honesty, trust, and integrity no other jeweler can provide. Also consider the following tips from the experts at IJO when buying a necklace or any other piece of jewelry:

• Pay attention to scale: A woman’s stature can play a role in the necklace she chooses. A large necklace may “swim” on a woman with a petite frame. Other women may be able to support such a necklace, where a smaller piece may look out of proportion.

• Invest in quality: Select pieces that may cost a little more now but are sure to be worn for years to come. Remember, wearing a beautiful necklace along with a budget-friendly dress or suit can make it appear you spent a fortune on the entire ensemble.

• Experiment with shape and color: Stand in front of the mirror and try on a variety of necklaces to see what shape or color is most complementary. From pendants to chokers and lariats, don’t be afraid to try them all. Find out if the cooler shade of white gold works better with your skin tone, or if the warmer shades of pink or yellow gold are more satisfactory options.

• Know where to buy: Visit www.masterjeweler.com to view a wide selection of necklaces and other pieces and locate a retailer in your area that specializes in these pieces. Choose among “Charmed,” a medieval-inspired 18k two tone yellow and white gold pendant with .94ct. tw diamonds, “Shimmer,” a delicate 14k white gold necklace with .50ct tw diamonds, or “Olympia,” a Grecian 14k yellow gold graduated gold necklace with hammer finish, as just a few of the many options.

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