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TRANSFER IN A HURRY WITHOUT THE WORRY: Save Time and Money with a Brand New, High Tech Duplication System

Streamline your business with the ultimate high tech duplication system; the TransferExpress USB Duplicator from Hamilton™ Electronics. Now you have the ability to distribute digital content and transfer multimedia files in a flash, without the need for a computer.

Featuring a sleek and compact design, the TransferExpress USB Duplicator is the easiest solution for users to copy to or from 15 USB2.0 Compatible Data Devices simultaneously, including flash drives, SD/CF cards (with adapters), USB2.0 Hard Drives, MP3 players and more.

The ability to transfer gigabytes of data at the touch of a button makes the TransferExpress is a must have for the fast-paced business environment. The perfect tool for IT departments, sales teams, trade shows, event planners and even photographers, the TransferExpress is a portable way to transfer documents, images, programs, and even video/audio files.

“TransferExpress USB Duplicator is the ideal way to transfer data, anywhere and anytime,” says Sheldon Goldstein, President of VCOM International Multimedia Corporation, the parent company of Hamilton Electronics. “Half the price of comparable units, this efficient system is a great way for businesses to save both time and money, while benefiting from the speed and portability of TransferExpress.”
Is your business going green? TransferExpress eliminates the need for CD and DVD duplication or wasting paper, and provides a re-usable and low energy solution to store and distribute your materials

Featuring an average copy speed of up to 480MB per second to all 15 drives at once, the TransferExpress USB Duplicator provides 100% data security and USB 2.0 transfer speeds. In addition, the TransferExpress unit can be daisy-chained to copy up to 30 drives at one time. TransferExpress is also bi-directional so users can collect data from up to 15 drives at once and transfer the data to one source drive.
With no software required, the TransferExpress is easy to use. Along with the ability to collect and copy data, TransferExpress can batch erase multiple memory sticks at once.

The TransferExpress USB Duplicator can:
-Copy or collect gigabytes of information at once. With no drive size limit, the possibilities are endless

-Use any combination of USB2.0 Compatible Data Devices including: Flash drives, SD/CF cards, USB2.0 Hard Drives, MP3 players and more

-Distribute digital content without the need for a computer or the internet

-Daisy-chain an additional unit to copy up to 30 targets simultaneously

-Erase up to 15 USB drives at once

Hamilton’s exclusive TransferExpress USB Duplicator (USB flash drives not included) is available online at www.hamiltonelectronics.com. The TransferExpress USB Duplicator has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $899.00.

Hamilton Electronics is a division of New Jersey-based VCOM International Multimedia Corporation, a diversified electronics company serving the education, professional audio and video, and corporate markets. Born out of 75 years of educational experience, Hamilton is a leader in electronics, providing one-stop shopping for quality audio and video equipment.

For more information visit www.hamiltonelectronics.com.

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