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Coast into a Healthier Summer with the Ab Coaster from Tristar Products

With spring just weeks away swimsuit season will be here before we know it. Are you ready to step outside in barely-there clothing? Like most of us who bulked up a bit during the winter months, maybe not. Tristar Products is now debuting a workout method to getting those six-pack abs with one machine—the Ab Coaster.

When it’s time to tone up and shed those pounds , the most sensible place to concentrate is the waistline. Not only is it easy to enjoy results quickly as snug waistbands become looser, it makes sense from a health standpoint. Tristar Products’ Ab Coaster – used by the U.S. Army and Navy and some of the world’s top professional athletes – is a great tool for working the entire abdominal section and beats doing countless reps of boring crunches.

Keith Mirchandani, founder and CEO of Tristar Products, which is one of the largest Direct Response Marketing companies in the world, even uses the Ab Coaster. “Even if you don’t aspire to six-pack abs, the Ab Coaster, has a smooth, gliding motion that just makes working out more enjoyable.”

Core strength and fitness has become the rage—and consumers are flocking to the Ab Coaster for good reason. Studies show maintaining a trim midsection enhances overall health and lessens serious health risks. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a high waist circumference is associated with an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Besides being unattractive, belly flab is an indicator of visceral fat found deep in your abdomen that impairs the function of your liver, pancreas and other organs.

Keith has been in the direct response marketing business for over 20 years and has created award winning brands for fitness, beauty and house wares which have grossed over billion dollars in sales. Having worked with top celebrities such as Jack La lanne for Jack LA Lanne Juicer, Brenda Dygraf for the AB Roller, Tiki and Ronde Barber for The Pro Trainer, Carmen Electra for the Kiyoseki Styler, Angie Everhart for Tweeze Ultra and Hulk Hogan for the Hulk Hogan Grill.

For more information, please visit http://www.abcoaster.com.

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