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THE BODYBIO REPORT TAKES GUESSWORK OUT OF NUTRITION: Provides Evidence-Based Guidance for Improving Health

The BodyBio Report provides a comprehensive and customized nutritional analysis for individuals based on their blood tests and offers specific recommendations for modifying their diets to improve health. An invaluable tool for anyone eager to fortify their diets and improve their eating habits for optimum nutrition, the BodyBio Report relies on data collected through standard blood tests consisting of a chemistry panel and complete blood count (CBC), which measure various cellular enzymes, electrolytes, blood components, minerals, and lipids. It is part of a standard medical examination that healthcare professionals review to assess patients’ health. Any recent blood test can be used to generate a BodyBio Report but tests done within the prior 12 months are preferable.

To obtain a personalized BodyBio Report, individuals first register as a member at www.bodybio.com and enter results of a standard blood test typically performed by medical laboratories at the request of primary care or other physicians. (Patients are entitled to receive a copy of all medical information about them so ask the testing facility to send a copy to you.) The report costs $40.00. In addition to the analysis of health status, the BodyBio Report contains a nutritional shopping list – a detailed list of nutrients specifically needed by individuals — along with a “Four Star Rating System” which rates the importance of each nutrient, and the Patented Graph System. Additionally, for one year after purchasing a BodyBio report, members receive a special discount off the retail price of all nutrients bought from Body Bio but aren’t obligated to make any purchases. Individuals can use the BodyBio Report to discuss their nutritional needs with their healthcare professionals.

The BodyBio Report is a product of BodyBio is a research and nutritional software development company with 30 years experience in nutritional medicine. It is based in Millville, NJ.

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