THE ONE THING NEW MOMS WANT MORE THAN SLEEP IS TO RECLAIM THEIR WAISTLINES! Core Rhythms Dance Exercise Program Works this Trouble Spot for New Moms

Nothing can replace the joy of bringing a baby into the world. From the moment she realizes she is pregnant, a mother’s focus is preparing her body for a healthy delivery. Once the baby comes home, many new moms are challenged with finding a fun, fast and convenient way to take off the baby weight and recapture a flatter stomach.

Core Rhythms™ dance exercise program is the time-saver moms need. The perfect combination of dance and fitness, it helps tone and tighten the entire core. Core Rhythms incorporates Latin dance drills into an exercise program that works the upper abs, middle abs, lower abs, obliques and back, giving a 360° total core workout that burns fat and sculpts beautiful bodies. In a single workout, participants can do more than 5,000 standing crunches – more than the crunching actions in 29 competitive dance routines.

Competitive ballroom dance champions Jaana Kunitz and Julia Powers created Core Rhythms based on their own fitness regimes. The dynamic workouts are built on rhythmic motion and are reported to boost self-esteem. Beginner or advanced fitness enthusiasts gain a sense of energy renewal while reducing stress and weight – the perfect combination for any new mom.

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