CLEANER WINDSHIELDS WITHIN REACH New Product Works with Tap Water to Clean Glass and Hard Surfaces

Most drivers would agree better visibility equals safer driving and a clean windshield is the first step to achieving this goal. But windshield maintenance can be an uncomfortable chore, even a tedious workout.

TELEBrands, the company behind the popular GoDuster, is introducing a chemical-free way to clean and shine windshields, inside and out, with just plain tap water. New Windshield Wonder™ combines a micro fiber cleaning cloth with a long handle and pivoting head to make windshield cleaning fast and easy. Windshield Wonder removes dirt, smudges, moisture and condensation without glass cleaner.

The cloth bonnets can be removed, washed and reused. The Windshield Wonder can also be used to clean mirrors, hard to reach windows, appliances or any hard surface. Available at and exclusively at leading retailers including Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target and CVS the Windshield Wonder has a suggested retail price of $10.00.

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