BREAK FREE OF EXERCISE RULES AND GET SKINNY Shapely Secrets Motionless Exercise Techniques Can Be Done Anywhere in 7 Minutes

Throw out that expensive gym membership and banish those stressful weight loss food programs. Savvier is introducing a breakthrough fitness program that takes seven minutes, is zero impact—and is entirely motionless. Shapely Secrets uses Diametric Resistance™ techniques to work muscle against muscle. This means the simple act of tightening and releasing the muscles in your arms, legs, buns and thighs (either while standing up, sitting or lying down) actually gives you a full body workout and, combined with a healthy diet, helps shed inches—without using weights or cumbersome gym equipment.

Finding the time to work out is a challenge and performing low-impact routines can be tricky. Shapely Secrets provides a solution to these and other lifestyle set backs with exercises that work these muscles in just a few exercises, without any running, jumping or harmful impact. Simply standing still and following the program sculpts the entire body with Motionless Exercise™. The seven minute exercise can be done nearly anywhere, including at work while at your desk, with zero impact. The complete Shapely Secrets program provides visible results in two weeks.

World-renowned fitness expert Greer Childers has merged her more than two decades of fitness experience with her knowledge of juggling a busy life as a mother of three for her newest program, Shapely Secrets. Regardless age or weight, Greer’s “7 Secrets to Being Thin and Shapely” combined with the seven-minute daily motionless exercise program leads anyone on the road to improved health and shapeliness.
Shapely Secrets is available at for $39.98.

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