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COVERMATE INC. ROLLING OUT NATIONAL PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN CoverMate® Stretch-to-Fit Food Covers Featured as the Quick and Easy Way to Save Food

CoverMate Inc. has contracted with a national public relations agency and an Internet marketing firm to promote its CoverMate® food covers as a simple solution to keeping food fresh and protecting perishables in the refrigerator, on the serving table and in the microwave oven. Rosica PR, Inc. and Interact Marketing, LLC have been hired to draw attention to the usefulness and convenience of CoverMate® covers for storing food as well as for keeping the microwave oven clean while cooking and thawing food or reheating leftovers.

Rosica, which has handled national campaigns for food companies including Keebler and Famous Amos and retailers including Shop Rite supermarkets, will introduce newspaper, magazine, radio, television and Internet media to CoverMate® through innovative promotional activities. The firm will make the covers available to leading consumer editors, online bloggers and others interested in receiving samples to review and share their impressions of CoverMate® covers. Rosica’s campaign will focus on the superiority of CoverMate® covers over other storage solutions.

Additionally, Interact Marketing, a full-service Internet marketing firm, will support the campaign through search engine optimization (SEO) to enhance the online visibility of CoverMate® covers and spread awareness of them as an easy alternative to searching for lost food container lids or hassling with foils and wraps.

“CoverMate® covers offer a simple solution to numerous food storage problems, and consumers need to know about them,” said company CEO Claus Sadlier. “With the expertise of Rosica and Interact Marketing, we expect shoppers will increasingly select CoverMate® as a sensible and cost-effective replacement for the food storage options they currently use.”

Designed as a superior alternative to conventional foil and plastic wrap products or old-fashioned shower cap style bowl covers, CoverMate® covers are BPA-free and PVC-free and designed specifically for covering food and are made from FDA compliant food safe materials. Utilizing patent pending technology, a super resilient FlexBand is built into each cover, which allows it to perfectly fit and hygienically seal any shape dish, bowl, plate or container. The FlexBand® technology allows food to be covered, uncovered and recovered in seconds. Made of clear material to make the contents clearly visible, the covers are waterproof, sanitary, microwavable and reusable.

CoverMate Inc. manufactures and markets CoverMate® covers. The covers are made on state-of-the-art forming equipment in a Covermate factory in Hayward, CA. For more information visit www.covermatecovers.com.