Ah summer, time for lazy weekends by the pool and cookouts on the grill in the backyard. It’s also time to clean the grill after every use; a chore most outdoor chefs dread. A typical grill cleaning brush barely scrapes the surface of the grill grates and requires a herculean effort to use. However, those who love to barbecue can now effortlessly clean their grills in minutes with the power of steam and enjoy the process with the Grill Daddy, the last grill cleaner they’ll ever need!

By simply preheating the grill and filling the Grill Daddy with water, chefs can easily brush away caked on food residue and grease. The Grill Daddy releases water as grillers brush, the water hits the grill, turns to steam, and rinses away burnt on food, grease and dirt.

Grill Daddy gives grill users a grill that is sparkling clean, sanitized and food that tastes great. What’s more, because Grill Daddy uses steam to clean the grill, no rancid greasy residue builds up on the brush; it is liquefied and melts away, leaving the cleaning head bacteria and grease-free.

“Cleaning the grill doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore,” says Michael Wales, President and inventor of the Grill Daddy. “A dirty grill can be cleaned in several minutes, free of unsightly black burned food residue adhering to steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs, and fish ruining the appetites of guests and family members. The Grill Daddy is the only grill cleaning tool on the market that does the job to the satisfaction of the most demanding chefs.”

The Grill Daddy is safe for porcelain, steel, and iron grills, whether they are hot or cold. It easily cleans between grill grates utilizing specially-designed stainless-steel bristles and leaves cooking surfaces clean and sanitary.

Grill Daddy offers three models; the Original Grill Daddy, the Grill Daddy Pro for tougher jobs, and the commercial-grade, metal-alloy Grill Daddy Platinum. All Grill Daddys have an ergonomic handle that keeps hands away from heat while providing maximum leverage.

Prices start at $19.95 with a 30-day money back guarantee, and all customers receive a free color-coded meat thermometer when they order through Grill Daddys are also available at Ace Hardware,, Bed Bath and Beyond, CVS, Harmon Stores, Home Depot, Sears, K-mart,, & True Value.