Exergen Temporal Scanner Guest Stars In Grey’s Anatomy Innovative Thermometer Enhances Doctor-Patient Experience in Popular Medical Drama

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy recently caught a glimpse of the innovative temporal artery thermometer that is now used in thousands of hospitals and pediatricians’ offices, and millions of homes. The noninvasive thermometer is pictured in a scene where a doctor takes his personal Exergen Temporal Scanner out of his pocket and in a matter of seconds gently scans his patient’s forehead to measure his temperature, all while patient and doctor discuss the patient’s discharge from the hospital.

“We were delighted that so many Americans saw how quick and easy it is to take a temperature with the Temporal Scanner, and how it enhances the doctor-patient experience.” said Exergen CEO, Dr. Francesco Pompei. “Nurses and doctors depend on the TemporalScanner for its ease of use and medical accuracy, as do consumers at home. With its caressing gentle forehead scan, the Temporal Scanner contributes to a positive caregiver-patient-experience everywhere.” More than 700 million temperatures are taken each year with the Exergen Temporal Scanner. Thirty-four published medical studies attest to the accuracy of the Temporal Scanner.

The Temporal Scanner is available in professional versions from qualified resellers, and a personal version suited for family use is available in major retailers including Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreen’s, Costco, Sam’s Club, Babies “R” Us, Toys “R” Us, and BJ’s.

The Exergen Temporal Scanner appears in the fourth episode of Grey’s Anatomy’s sixth season, entitled “How insensitive.” Winner of two Emmy Awards and a pair of Golden Globe Awards, Grey’s Anatomy is the highest rated medical drama, making it one of the most watched primetime series on television.

Exergen’s Temporal Scanner was recently named as one of the “Smartest Products of the Decade” by Inc. magazine. It has received a host of awards, and the Grey’s Anatomy cameo underscores its popularity in both the medical and consumer community.

Exergen Corporation is recognized worldwide as an innovator and leading manufacturer of patented infrared thermometers, scanners, sensors and controls. Dr. Pompei, a Harvard scientist, founded the company to provide innovative solutions for non-invasive thermometry and temperature control in a wide variety of industrial and medical applications for both professionals and consumers. For additional information, visit www.exergen.com