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CoverMate® Launches New Eco-Friendly Packaging New Stand-Up Pouch Has Retailers Seeing Green

CoverMate® has converted to sustainable packaging for its Stretch-to-Fit Food Cover product line. The new stand-up pouch is made from recyclable plastic and reduces packaging source materials by 75 percent.  Consumers can also reuse the pouch for other storage needs  before recycling it. In market testing consumers preferred the new pouch by a seven-to-one margin over the conventional cardboard box noting it was easier to use, saves space and fits easily inside kitchen drawers.

“We’ve noticed more shoppers have become eco-conscious in their purchasing decisions so we wanted to provide a new package that was earth-friendly and more convenient,” said Claus Sadlier, President of CoverMate.  “We’re excited to be the first in the foil and wrap category to offer a product in this type of green packaging.”  

CoverMate’s new pouch stands out on crowded retail shelves and uses the same UPC, case-pack and shelf foot print as the existing box for easy transition. The new pouch started rolling out in October 2010.

The new CoverMate Variety Pack contains a selection of stretch-to-fit food covers in four sizes, ideal for covering everything in the kitchen from small cans and food storage containers, to casserole dishes and large party platters. Manufactured in the U.S., the covers include a patent pending FlexBand, which is now color coded to differentiate each size. The FlexBand creates a secure seal over any size or shape container even after repeated use. Other patent pending features include built-in corners to fit both round and square dishware and vents that allow steam to escape during microwave re-heating.

CoverMate Food Covers, which are manufactured and marketed by CoverMate, Inc., are available at over 10,000 retail stores nationwide such as Target, Kroger and Publix.  Suggested retail price for the CoverMate Variety 10-pack is $3.99.  For more information, visit www.CoverMateCovers.com or call 201-843-5600.