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Beliefnet Quiz Identifies Political Personality In Time for Presidential Race

To help people discover where their true political alliances fall ahead of the 2012 presidential election, Beliefnet, the most comprehensive online resource for inspiration and spirituality, has launched their new Politic-O-Matic quiz.  This quick and easy online evaluation takes the user’s “temperature” on issues like the economy, religion, marriage and healthcare to match users with a corresponding political party and famous political personality.


The series of questions reflect current issues in the political sphere, such as an individual’s stance on marriage and the extent to which this issue affects him or her. Once completed, Politic-O-Matic links to the political party most closely affiliated with a user’s attitudes. A notable political personality is also assigned at the end, examples range from a “Ronald Reagan conservative” to a “Ross Perot populist.”


“We created Politic-O-Matic to give people an entertaining way to identify core political values and beliefs without political hyperbole, skewed portrayal or bias,” said Beliefnet President and CEO Stephen Hal liday. “This quiz helps users evaluate what parties they align with based on objective self-assessment of the principles that matter most to them.”


Politic-O-Matic’s purpose is to serve as a guide, matching user feelings and political beliefs with those of previously established political leaders. The quiz does not match users with current candidates for the presidential election. In addition to the assessment provided on Beliefnet.com, users are provided email results which list to what degree (in percentages) they are most like the 10+ personalities provided in the quiz.   


Readers can take Politic-O-Matic beyond the 2012 election season by visiting http://www.beliefnet.com/News/ElectionCenter/PoliticOMatic.aspx.


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