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The Business Of Cause Marketing: A Must Read Book for Businesses Large and Small

A company can increase its bottom line by increasing its philanthropic involvement.  Helping those in need and improving corporate profits can go hand in hand. 

In The Business of Cause Marketing: Doing Well by Doing Good by Chris Rosica (Noble Press 2012) the author outlines how smart companies can successfully execute an authentic cause-marketing program and do well by doing good.  “Cause marketing is a powerful but rarely seized opportunity for a corporation to strategically associate itself with philanthropic involvement,” Rosica explains. “In turn, a business can emotionally and intellectually connect with its existing and prospective customers.”

As an outline for how a company can increase its bottom line, build brand awareness and improve employee morale through a campaign that embraces corporate social responsibility and earns consumer loyalty, The Business of Cause Marketing details strategies for:

  • Creating a step by step process for selecting the best cause and executing savvy marketing campaigns that help companies survive and grow, even during an economic recession;
  • Avoiding the mistakes seen in most cause-marketing partnerships;
  • Bolstering employee morale;
  • Executing a year-round cause-marketing program instead of a one-off tactical engagement;

Chris Rosica, author of The Authentic Brand and President of Rosica Communications, knows first-hand the power of cause marketing.  His father, John Rosica, was an early pioneer of cause-related marketing.  His most memorable and widely referenced cause-marketing success story was Famous Amos cookies. The cause-marketing campaign developed between Famous Amos cookies and Literacy Volunteers of America sky-rocketed the small, virtually unknown brand to the beloved household name the nation knows today.

 “Chris Rosica explores one of the most underrated techniques in marketing.  Well written and convincing,” says Al Ries, marketing professional and author.  Walter Anderson, former Chairman and CEO of Parade Magazine, gives similar praising saying, “Rosica writes with graceful clarity, candor and authority on cause-related marketing.”

Rosica’s first book The Authentic Brand, received rave reviews in 2007 and his third book, Why Social Media? is highly anticipated.