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International Beverage Introduces Phraya


The World’s Only Luxury Asian Rum Launches in United States

International Beverage USA announced the launch of Phraya, a premium aged rum from Thailand, to the U.S. market. Pronounced prai-ah, this distinctive rum is aged for seven to 12 years in “fired” oak barrels using a deep maturation technique developed to suit the tropical climate of Southeast Asia. Warehouses are situated over cool lagoons and the climate cycle effectively slows down the aging process and gives the spirit depth. 

As a testament to its quality, Phraya recently earned accolades at the prestigious 2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition with a Double Gold Medal. In addition, at the 2013 Ultimate Spirits Challenge it was chosen as a finalist in the rum category, earning a score of 95, which classified it as being extraordinary and earning the “ultimate recommendation.” The spirit is amber in color and imparts aromas of vanilla, coconut and exotic spices. The taste is smooth, featuring honey and butterscotch with underlying citrus notes. It finishes delicately on the palate with a slight spiciness and a long lasting vanilla ice cream finish.

“Phraya is the perfect addition to International Beverage’s premium spirits portfolio,” said Patrick Graney, President of International Beverage USA. “Its enticingly smooth, rich flavor and balance distinguish it as a rum to discover, desire and savor.”

Phraya is distilled in the province of Nakhom Pathom, commonly regarded as the site of the first city in Thailand. The rich, fertile soil provides an abundance of specially-grown sugar cane which forms the heart of Phraya. It is distilled using the soft, natural waters of the Ta Chin River which lends a delicate, mellow balance to the rum. As the world’s only luxury rum from Asia, its unrivalled elegance offers an enlightening glimpse into classical Asian tradition.

Phraya means “of higher rank” and is inspired by the ancient elements of fire, earth, air and water. According to ancient Asian philosophy, the world and all existence within it is governed by these elements. Each one plays a key role in the creation and the taste of the spirit and is represented in the beautiful bottle cuff.

Now available at luxury and specialty retailers in California, Illinois, Washington and New York for a suggested retail price of $49.99, Phraya will expand distribution to Florida and Texas in June 2013. For more information visit www.phrayarum.com

About International Beverage

International Beverage, Inc. (www.interbevgroup.com) was established in 2005 as the international arm of ThaiBev, one of South East Asia’s leading alcohol beverage companies. With a network of regional offices in Asia, Europe and North America, the company is responsible for the production, sales, marketing and distribution of a portfolio of premium global brands in more than 80 countries and territories. The company’s success is built on a strong understanding of local cultures and markets along with the creation of a global operational network.