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Dynarex Advances Safety Within Tatoo Industry Through Additions To Product Line

A recent Harris poll found that about three in ten Americans (29%) have at least one tattoo, and seven in ten (69%) have two or more, proving the popularity and growth of the industry. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggests that consumers research tattoo parlors before proceeding, to ensure that the tattoo artists practice sanitary methods. Dynarex, a leading medical supply company and provider of disposable medical products, is expanding the line of products it provides customers to increase and encourage safety and proper hygiene within tattoo industry. New key products include Green Soap, Tattoo Plastic Products and Black Rubber Bands, as well as Vitamin A&D Ointment without Lanolin, Ink Cups, Grommet Nipples and Soaker Pads.

Dynarex Green Soap is made for tattoo skin preparation, procedure and clean up. Used before, during and after tattoo procedures, the product is best used when diluted with water before stencil application. With a concentrated formula and pleasant aroma, it can also be used for cleaning tattoo instruments and apparatus before sterilization. Dynarex Green Soap is available in 16 ounce units in quantities of 12, and one gallon units in quantities of four.

Dynarex Tattoo Plastic Products include chair and headrest covers, tray sleeves, cord and bottle covers and machine bags. The chair and headrest covers keep the surfaces sanitary for patrons and reduce the need for disinfectants. The tray sleeves are easy to apply and can remove and eliminate contamination. The cord and bottle covers prevent cross-contamination and are excellent for helping keep equipment clean. Machine bags protect tattoo machines from contamination and splatter. Together, these products make contamination prevention and post-procedure cleanup easy.

A must-have for all standard tattoo machines, Dynarex Black Rubber Bands help to keep tattoo needles in place while in use. They are made of high-quality rubber and are specifically for the tattoo market as they are one of the most commonly replaced parts on tattoo machines. Dynarex Black Rubber Bands are available in 1-lb. bags in quantities of 25 and 1/4-lb. bags in quantities of 100.

“At Dynarex, we dedicate ourselves to 17 market segments, and one of those is the tattoo industry. As it undergoes significant growth, our customers look to us for quality products at a great value to support their businesses,” said Dynarex CEO Zalman Tenenbaum. “As our company philosophy is ‘We care like family,’ we are especially dedicated to offering our customers a line of products that enhance safety within the tattoo market.”

For Dynarex’s complete line of tattoo products, download its tattoo catalog at Dynarex.com.

About Dynarex

Dynarex is a leading provider of disposable medical products with distributor partners in all 50 U.S. States, as well as Canada, Europe and South America. It provides a wide range of the finest quality disposable medical products at an exceptional value while improving suppliers’ processes to increase partners’ profits. The company’s value statement “we care like family” underscores its belief in philanthropy and giving back to partner communities. Founded in 1967, Dynarex is headquartered in Orangeburg, NY. For more information, call 1-888-DYNAREX (1-888-396-2739) or visit www.dynarex.com.