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Indigo Sleep’s Breakthrough Modular Mattress Delivers Comfort You Can Customize

Patented Design Unlocks Value Inside the Mattress, Saving Money and Easing Stress on the Planet

Newly-launched Indigo Sleep is upending the mattress industry with a breakthrough mattress that literally opens up a new way of sleeping. At the heart of its Comfort Always® mattress is a modular design that lets you pop off the mattress cover and rotate or flip it to meet your comfort preferences, whether firm or soft, giving you two mattress “feels” for the price of one. It even offers a cooling temperature option for one or both sleepers. The renewable aspect refers to the patented design, which was grounded in intensive research. When a section of the mattress becomes worn, you can simply replace that part at a fraction of the price of a new mattress. This can extend the life of the original mattress indefinitely and significantly reduce the number of used mattresses that are being thrown away and damaging the environment.

To provide added value to consumers, Indigo bypassed the costly bricks and mortar business model and is selling its mattresses via e-commerce at indigosleep.com.

The company was founded by tech and startup veterans David Funk and Gene DeRose who are determined to shake up an industry in urgent need of a wake up call. They saw traditional mattresses as being overpriced, potentially hazardous to your health because many contain toxic chemicals, and harmful to the environment. In forming Indigo Sleep, they are making that model obsolete and giving people a new way to sleep. In testing the Indigo products, they also heard consumers say loud and clear that they couldn’t believe the mattress could be cleaned from the inside out. This was a huge benefit for them and something they couldn’t find in any other mattress.

“Our mattresses are designed to be updated rather than replaced. Traditional mattresses are not made to last and get prematurely tossed into landfills, forcing consumers to spend money on a replacement mattress too soon,” said co-founder David Funk. “We’ve created a new breed of mattress that can practically last forever, simply by replacing parts that need refreshing. We like to think Indigo is the last mattress you’ll ever have to buy.”

Safety is paramount to the company and they rely upon the latest consumer safety laws and science to place only the cleanest, high-quality, ethically sourced materials into their mattresses, as opposed to potentially harmful, “dirty chemistry” and fiberglass used by many other mattress companies.

Another proprietary advantage of the Indigo design is that the mattress can be opened up to vacuum and deep clean it from the inside out. Mattresses accumulate pounds of dirt and grime over their lifetime, yet until now, there hasn’t been a way to remove the dirt from inside.

“Most people take their mattress for granted and are unaware of the health and environmental dangers they may contain or cause,” said co-founder Gene DeRose. “Indigo is putting an end to that. In addition to providing premium quality at a fair price, we want to bring a new focus on the consumer’s right to be better informed about a product’s attention to health, safety, and environmental sustainability. We’re doing all that and more with our products, but also by collaborating with our customers, initially through the charitable donations each mattress purchase triggers.”

Indigo offers two mattress models, the Comfort Always® CLASSIC and the Comfort Always® LUXURY, which are sold direct to consumers at indigosleep.com. Both are available in Youth/Twin, Full, Queen or King size. Mattresses by Indigo begin at $599.00.

When someone buys an Indigo mattress, the company will donate $50 in the buyer’s name to whatever cause they prefer from among the list of nonprofits carefully selected by Indigo because of their alignment with company values. Among organizations featured are the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood and The Smithsonian Institution.

About Indigo Sleep

Indigo Sleep, based in Tampa, Florida, is a sleep products company whose goal is to disrupt the mattress industry by making better, longer lasting products that use only the cleanest, safest ingredients that are environmentally-friendly. Indigo seeks to make people healthier and happier through better sleep and is grounded in values that protect people and the environment. The company’s mattresses are renewable, upgradable, long lasting and sustainable. For more information or to purchase a mattress, visit indigosleep.com.