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Strata Company Launches SmartMove Offering At 2017 SHSMD Connections

Connects Healthcare Providers with New Residents through Advanced Multi-Touch Marketing Methodology and Digital Enhancements

Strata Company, a leading Pennsylvania-based marketing services and technology solutions firm, is introducing a new and enhanced version of its new mover marketing offering. The SmartMove program is being officially released here at the SHSMD 2017 conference. It is a next-gen, multichannel approach to new mover marketing. It builds on Strata’s long-established success in reaching and engaging new residents in clients’ market areas.

Strata Company’s SmartMove program enhances traditional offerings with digital components such as automated and segmented email marketing campaigns and a proprietary, personalized online response dashboard. The enhancements add value and increase campaign effectiveness to more efficiently meet client goals, accelerate healthcare providers’ ability to connect with new residents and keep them engaged over time.

“SmartMove was developed to help hospitals and health systems keep pace with the rapidly changing way in which consumers search for and select a healthcare provider,” said Mark Frisina, VP of Strata Company. “With SmartMove, healthcare marketers get their foot in the door to establish a connection before their competition. The ongoing program allows providers to stay top of mind as new residents get established, create new ‘buying’ behaviors and develop preferences that will influence future decisions.”

SmartMove helps healthcare marketers target the right audiences, issue direct mail campaigns to greet new residents upon move-in, keep respondents engaged with relevant information – via drip email campaigns – and provide in-depth reporting to measure and improve program performance. SmartMove’s direct marketing strategy utilizes tactile and digital touchpoints – a critical driver in successfully connecting with the modern consumer.

“By combining the power of multiple channels, and then gaining real-time, personalized insights via our custom technology capabilities, we help healthcare marketers stay ahead of the curve,” Frisina notes. “SmartMove gives them another tool in their modern marketing arsenal through which they can capture attention, build affinity and drive referrals. For healthcare marketers looking to cut through the noise, counter the competition and gain valuable insights into what their target audience is looking for, the latest in new mover marketing can get them the results and return they’re looking for.”

Visit Booth #402 at SHSMD 2017 for more information about Strata Company and the SmartMove offering, or visit http://info.gostrata.com/make-the-smart-move.

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