When John and Marilyn Rosica launched Rosica in 1980, they were trading on experiences and skills they had developed and fine-tuned in the music industry. Rosica quickly made its mark by setting and leveraging trends, staging memorable media events and becoming one of the industry’s first cause marketing firms.

John Rosica was a pioneer in cause marketing. When Wally Amos sought to transform his little known gourmet cookie line into a nationally recognized brand, he turned to Rosica Communications. Since Wally did not have an advertising budget, Rosica used Wally’s unique persona to accelerate the branding process and emotionally connect his product with consumers. In a text book program that serves as a case study in PR and marketing classes, Rosica developed grassroots media events and a strategic cause marketing tie-in with Literary Volunteers of America to tell the brand’s story. Famous Amos Cookies became a household name, and when Keebler purchased it in 1998, the company was valued at $200 million.

Agency President and CEO Chris Rosica upholds the firm’s tradition of creatively launching and sustaining companies and brands. Chris is steadfast in his belief that public relations should constantly link to measurable results and client success. He developed the agency’s Sales Smart PRsm methodology, which helps Rosica’s clients increase their revenues and ensure a solid return on their PR investments.

Chris has merged the agency’s traditional media capabilities with the latest online and social media strategies and practices to deliver “surround sound” results for Rosica’s clients. Rosica works with traditional and citizen journalists to tell our clients’ stories through broadcast channels, in print and online. In 2009, Chris co-founded Interact Marketing, LLC.

Chris is the author of The Authentic Brand, which examines the practical and real-life experiences of some of America’s most successful entrepreneurs. A nonprofit and foundation PR and marketing expert and dedicated nonprofit volunteer, Rosica also authored The Business of Cause Marketing, which details the process and the results of successfully incorporating a cause marketing strategy into a company’s business and marketing efforts.