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The Oldest Family-Owned Publishing Company Celebrates 175 Years

Sadlier-Oxford, founded in 1832, is pleased to be celebrating 175 years of service. The company publishes materials for grades K-12 to meet the needs of students in public and private schools in the fields of language arts and mathematics. These include Grammar for Writing, the Sadlier Phonics program, the Vocabulary Workshop series and the Progress in Mathematics program.

What sets the company apart is the fact that Sadlier’s texts meet the individual needs of children and teachers. Through step by step instruction, standardized test practice and abundant online support, teachers are able to keep students engaged and learning. For example, in their Vocabulary Workshop series, materials not only include what words mean but how to use them teaching students how to be clear, correct and effective communicators. In Grammar for Writing, students learn the basics in grammar, usage, mechanics, and composition as they practice skills in formats found on the new standardized tests. Sadlier-Oxford is also known for the highly successful Progress in Mathematics program which carefully builds students’ mathematical foundations one step at a time.

The Sadlier-Oxford Company is the oldest family-owned and family-operated publisher of textbooks since 1832.