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Cleaner Hands, Cleaner Kids

From The Tennessean
Fiona Soltes
December 4, 2006

Not much is stickier — or potentially more germy — than a child’s hand.

And since meals are often taken on the go, and kids don’t always wash up, the potential for getting sick from those germs intensifies. Nice-Pak Products Inc. comes to the rescue with Sani-Hands for Kids Antimicrobial Alcohol Gel Hand Wipes, a quick and easy way to clean hands without soap and water.

They’re available in canisters, as well as individual pocket packets, and are said to be more effective than simple gels because the germs get thrown out with the wipes rather than staying on hands. Visit www.nicepak.com or call 1-800-444-6725, ext. 632.