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Getting the Message Across

Improved E-mail Service Helps Companies Cut Through the Clutter

Spam: It’s every e-mail person’s least favorite word. Eighty percent of all e-mails received today are estimated to be tagged as spam. Marketers are challenged as is the patience of most Internet users. E-mail can be an unusually powerful tool, tapping potential or established customers in an exceedingly quantifiable and intelligent way, but only if it’s relevant and only if it’s getting to its intended recipient.

MessageTraqTM from Endai Worldwide is a proprietary, scalable e-mail management platform that tests and precisely targets message recipients, tailors those messages and supplies real-time reporting so businesses can rest assured their mail is working to the max. MessageTraq, the successor to Quadramail, is designed to tailor the message to the recipient and present it in a timely manner to maximize effects. The software tailors, tests and automates e-mail communications and features:

•MessageTraq Test&Roll Technology: Maximizes results by testing e-mail content and design to sample subscribers, nailing top performers and e-mailing only these to your databases — automatically

•Targeting and personalization: Tailors the message based upon a customer’s buying habits, providing more useful information and generating sales

•Real-time reporting: Gives MessageTraq customers the unique ability to monitor click streams and receive information such as campaign reporting, link tracking, aggregate performance, conversion tracing and one-to-one profiling

•Endai support: You’re not alone – Client Support Managers frequently call if an unusual usage pattern suggests difficulty

Endai Worldwide has been building Internet businesses from its headquarters in the historic South Street Seaport since 1999. The company has become a global leader in Internet marketing, lead generation and online image management with Internet marketing agency services and proprietary software the company has developed.
Public Relations Contact: Rosica Strategic Public Relations