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High Performance Skates for Low Impact Athletes

Minimize the Stress, Maximize the Workout

Stress fractures, sprains, swollen joints and back pain are common inconveniences in the sports world. To combat these nuisances and still provide the avid fitness enthusiasts with a challenging regimen, athletes – specifically runners and cyclists – have turned their attention to in-line skating. Fitness experts know the sport is faster and less evasive on the body, and training for a skate marathon takes about half the time as training for marathons on foot.

In response to the growing popularity of this alternative, Rollerblade® is proud to unveil the 2007 Marathon Carbon Series. Successfully launched in test markets, the line will be available nationwide this summer. It features two new skate models with a redesigned cuff, carbon fiber shell, and precise, performance-orientated fit, allowing novice skaters, “weekend warriors,” and marathoners to cross the finish line in comfort:

• Marathon Carbon (M) – Thinner and lighter than its predecessors, this fire-red men’s skate is also equipped with a carbon shell and 100 mm wheels to smoothly skate over bumps and cracks; street price: $299

• Marathon Carbon (W) – Designed to fit the contours of a woman’s foot, the white and gold skate has a precision fit liner with a striking white and gold carbon fiber shell;
street price: $299

“In-line skating provides equivalent aerobic benefits of running, but produces less than half the shock to joints,” says Nick Skally, Marketing Director for Rollerblade. “It is a fun, low impact sport that leads to a healthier lifestyle and stronger muscles. Better yet, you can never be too young or too old to participate.”

Based in Hamilton, New Jersey, Rollerblade is a stand-alone subsidiary of the Tecnica Group. The worldwide headquarters of Rollerblade is in Trevignano (TV), Italy. Rollerblade is the founder and leader of the in-line skate industry, with over 300 patented innovations. Serving as the premier manufacturer of inline skates, related accessories and protective gear, Rollerblade has received several awards for its innovative technologies, including the first women’s specific design, an extendible skate for children, and the proprietary ABT® braking technology for controlled, effortless stopping. For more information visit www.rollerbladeusa.com or call (800)232-ROLL.

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