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Tommy, Can You Hear Me?

New Headphones Detect Hearing Loss and Monitor Listening Levels

A recent article in The New York Times focused on the rise of hearing loss in baby boomers. As part of the first “rock ‘n’ roll generation,” boomers were the first demographic to grow up listening to loud music in concerts and on personal stereo systems.

Today, kids of all ages are constantly seen with headphones on listening to thier MP3 and portable DVD players, often at volumes loud enough for everyone around them to hear. Hoping that history won’t repeat itself, concerned parents wonder how they can tell if the volume in their child’s headphones is at a dangerous level – and if so, whether there’s a reason they are playing their music so loud (i.e. they’ve already experienced hearing loss).

Hamilton Electronics, a leader in electronics for the education market since 1933, is now introducing The Guardian wired headphone with SLM (Sound Level Monitor) technology. The Guardian has green and red LED lights so parents can visually monitor listening levels. A green light indicates a safe listening volume and a red light indicates that the sound is too high – alerting parents that the child may have a hearing problem or is at risk of causing irreversible damage to their ears.

If hearing loss goes undetected and untreated, children may suffer from delays in language development, social problems and academic difficulties. Additional headphone features include Hamilton’s patented ASM(TM) (Automatic Stereo/Mono Switching) Technology, rechargable batteries that operate for 125 hours on one charge and a comfortable, fully adjustable headband.

Noise-induced hearing loss can occur at any age and is often preventable. Physicians recommend that people take steps to protect their ears against damaging high levels of noise. For those who wear headphones, the volume is too loud if a person standing near a listener can hear the music coming through the headphones. Additional research shows that the tiny “ear bud” style headphones are even more likely to cause hearing loss than larger headsets. A Harvard Medical School study states that on average, the smaller the headphones were, the higher their output levels at any given volume-control setting.

The Guardian wired headphones are available at over 2,000 resellers nationwide and online at www.projectorscreenstore.com. The suggested retail price for one headset with a charger is $39.95.

Hamilton Electronics is a division of New Jersey-based VCOM International Multimedia Corporation, a diversified electronics company serving the education, professional audio and video, and corporate markets. Hamilton is a leader in electronics for the education market since 1933, providing one-stop shopping for quality audio and video equipment that facilitates better learning from K-12. for more information visit www.hamiltonelectronics.com. Media may obtain additional details and high resolution product images, by contacting Ellyn Small at 201.843.5600 or ellyn@rosica.com.

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