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Yule Tree Farm: Green pine needles for next Christmas

Posted on ecofriend.org

You must have seen crops growing for commercial purpose, however, Christmas trees are too in the queue.

You can get wonderful Christmas gift for your friend or make your holiday a bit greener and full of oxygen around you. These trees can be transported with ease and have quick settling tendency when planted in soil.

Yule Tree Farms, of Canby is one such Christmas tree farm located in Oregon. In Oregon’s Noble Vintage Live, you can enjoy varieties of beautiful Christmas tree like, Fir, Spruce, and more. Yule Tree farm belongs to Coalition of Environmentally-Conscious Growers, which educate public on the importance of live trees and promotion of environmentally sound growing practices.

Grown in a fine coarse bark with self-contained root system, in a unique recipe with best-suited compost, you will find these trees more attractive and 30% lighter in comparison to others.

For $109.05, you can choose one real green beauty for your yard.

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