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Skate Safely Through the Holidays While Staying Fit

If you are looking for a fun, healthy activity for the whole family this holiday season, Rollerblade® has the answer. With something for everyone on your gift list, you’ll glide through your holiday shopping to spend more time with friends and family.

• The 2007 Marathon Carbon Series – This line features three new skate models (men’s, women’s, and unisex) with a redesigned cuff, carbon fiber shell, and precise, performance-orientated fit, allowing novice skaters, “weekend warriors” and marathoners to cross the finish line in comfort.

• The Crossfire 4D™ and Activa 4DTM – Rollerblade recognized that not all feet are created equal and designed two versatile skates to fit the contours of a man or woman’s foot. The Activa 4D has an instep three to four millimeters higher than a normal skate to comfortably fit a higher arch and has a lower cuff to accommodate women’s calf muscles, which are longer than men’s. The Crossfire 4D has an instep three to four millimeters lower than its counterpart as well as a thinner heel base and a higher cuff to accommodate a man’s calf muscles, which are shorter than a woman’s.

Micro Total Fit SystemTM (TFS) – Equipped with a unique extendable frame that can be adjusted from sizes 12-2, 2-5 and 4-7, the Micro TFS is designed for a child’s growing foot, while fitting more snugly than laces or buckles alone.

In addition to products that offer the latest innovations in skate technology, Rollerblade offers a complete line of accessories and protective gear to keep your loved ones safe and stylish.

Based in Hamilton, New Jersey, Rollerblade is a stand-alone subsidiary of the Tecnica Group. The worldwide headquarters of Rollerblade is in Trevignano (TV), Italy. Rollerblade is the founder and leader of the in-line skate industry, with over 250 patented innovations. Serving as the premier manufacturer of inline skates, related accessories and protective gear, Rollerblade has received several awards for its innovative technologies, including the first women’s specific design and the proprietary ABT® braking technology for controlled, effortless stopping. For more information, please visit www.rollerblade.com.

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