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New Technology Protects Consumers Against Rising Rate of Counterfeit Drugs

Counterfeiting of prescription medications is a serious issue that poses a real threat to the unsuspecting public, and many consumers who rely on prescription medications have suffered catastrophic consequences to their health by consuming fake, or even toxic, prescriptions.

To address this growing concern, Secure Symbology, an innovative New Jersey-based company, has successfully developed and implemented the only tested and proven anti-counterfeiting solution available. The company’s life-saving system makes use of barcode technology, a time-tested answer to the problem of tracking and verification, to authenticate prescription drugs – more reliable and cost effective than Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or other alternatives currently being investigated. To ensure its successful adoption, the company has also created proprietary software capable of interfacing with any manufacturer’s packaging process and systems.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition calculate that global counterfeit sales equal $600 to $650 billion a year. This means not only lost revenues for pharmaceutical companies but the negative perception of the entire industry. Secure Symbology’s advancements, however, make tracking drugs through the supply chain to prevent the infiltration of foreign-made, knock-off drugs a reality.

In conjunction with Catalent Pharma Solutions, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer and packaging company, Secure Symbology has effectively employed its patented, fully-integrated Electronic Sequence Code (ESC) anti-counterfeiting system. With great success, this drug documentation and tracking methodology has been tested on Catalent’s various types of prescription drug packaging. Now, the system is available to pharmaceutical companies and packagers worldwide.

As pioneers of this technology, Secure Symbology is not only capable of assisting drug makers globally to put into operation safeguards that protect consumers but is geared to help the industry comply with California’s looming anti-counterfeiting mandate. This important legislation, which will go into effect on January 1, 2009, requires drugs being sold throughout the state to be tracked through a drug documentation system. California’s initiative is gaining the support of the public, consumer advocacy groups, legislators and pharmaceutical companies nationwide.

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in northern New Jersey, Secure Symbology has patented technology that offers a low-cost, reliable anti-counterfeiting solution. Its advanced bar code technology is the basis for its system that provides an electronic product pedigree and unit-level track-and-trace capability. Used by the pharmaceutical industry, Secure Symbology is expanding its reach to include the automotive, aeronautical and food manufacturers, in addition to luxury brands and consumer product manufacturers with their ever-increasing counterfeiting problems. For more information, visit www.securesymbology.com.

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