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Effective E-mail Marketing

New Study Shows Shoppers Respond to E-Mail Marketing

Say what you will about marketing solicitations clogging your e-mail inbox. A new study conducted by Endai Worldwide shows that marketing emails are surprisingly effective at doing what they are designed to do: Getting people to buy.

The survey revealed that over the past 12 months, 50% of men and women have made a purchase as a result of opening a marketing email solicitation. Over 50% of respondents said they couldn’t resist and even check their junk mail folders on a daily basis. Sixteen percent admitted to making a purchase from messages tagged as spam.

“We were very surprised by the results of this study,” says Michael Ferranti, CEO of Endai Worldwide, an international online advertising and marketing firm based in Manhattan. “It reinforces what we’ve believed at the gut-level all along, and that is that consumers will always be motivated to buy if the offer is appealing and customer-centric.”

Ferranti, whose firm only endorses email solicitations that are opted-in—in other words, the recipients agree to receive emails from the company—believes in the power of a well-crafted email message. He also says that the study indicates email marketing is most effective when the purchaser recognizes the sender’s name and the offer is appealing.

Indeed, almost 60% of purchasers cited a recognition of the sender’s name as the reason they clicked on the email to begin with. One quarter was most drawn to buy because the product offering was of interest to them. Recognition of the company or brand name mentioned in the email and an interesting subject line were also mentioned as draws that helped to close the sale. Over 21% of respondants indicated that the emails they open and buy from are about something they’re “specifically interested in.”

“A well-designed email marketing campaign should be in every company’s arsenal,” says Ferranti. “If a firm has had any doubts, this study should prove its overall effectiveness.” What’s more, Ferranti points out, when coupled with the relative low-cost of producing and distributing marketing emails (pennies on the dollar when compared to their snail-mail counterparts), online marketing is the most cost-effective way to market.

The online advertising and email marketing company quered 7,500 men and women just before the start of this year’s holiday buying season traditionally known to begin on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The company received a 90% response rate to the queries, which were sent as an email questionnaire.

Endai Worldwide has been building Internet businesses from its headquarters in Manhattan’s historic South Street Seaport since 1999. The company has become a global leader in Internet marketing, lead generation and online image management with Internet marketing agency services and proprietary software the company has developed. For more information, visit www.endai.com.

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