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Wedding Planning Tips for Brides

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Did I ever tell you of the most romantic thing I saw a groom do before a wedding – and no it was not something Dave did.

At my best friend’s wedding, her fiancé gave her diamond studs as a wedding present. But he didn’t just hand them to her. He bought a book – The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales – and cut out a square in the pages to hold the little black velvet box. He placed it at the beginning of a certain chapter – I don’t remember which one.

Anyway, he wrapped it up with a card and gave it to her before the wedding. She loved the book, but was pleasantly surprised when he told her to open it to a specific page. Even though she already chose earrings to wear, she of course wore the ones her groom gave her.

I just thought this was a great story. You can forward it to your groom with a note saying, “How sweet is this!” And a reminder that he may want to buy you a wedding gift. Many brides know of this tradition, but their grooms do not.

In order to not be disappointed on your wedding day, I highly recommend telling your fiancé that you expect/want him to give you a wedding gift – or both of you should decide not to do it.

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