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All Natural Wall-to-Wall Carpets Are Durable and Organic

Nourison brings a level of luxury to the home with a collection of natural fiber wool and wool-blend wall-to-wall carpeting. Pure wool has no peer when it comes to beauty and durability, yet Nourison’s wool broadloom (at suggested retail price points of $35 to $95 a square yard) offers the ultimate in carpeting at the price of some synthetics. This is due to the increased cost of petroleum (the basic ingredient in the synthetic fibers used to make most broadloom carpeting). Wool broadloom from Nourison is available in a wide variety of colors and textures.

As a natural fiber that has been the preferred ingredient in rugs and carpeting throughout the centuries, wool wears better than any synthetic fiber while retaining its color and sheen—actually looking better over time as it wears. Nourison Broadloom is made from 100% wool that is hand-sheared from sheep that graze on the pesticide-free pastures of New Zealand. Besides being sanitary, ultra-comfortable and renewable, wool is:

•Natural & Organic – Wool is not artificially made from crude oil like the synthetics used today. Man has had a natural relationship with sheep and their wool since their earliest times. Ultimately, you won’t be breathing in petroleum-based chemicals as they break down. There is no out-gassing of chemicals in pure wool.

•Hypoallergenic – People with sensitivities to chemically produced synthetics can sleep easily with pure wool. Wool is resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew, which trigger reactions in some people.

•Temperature controlled – Wool is warm in cool weather, cool when it’s warm. Its fibers form pockets of air which insulate you naturally. You’ll stay dry with wool and won’t feel damp or chilled because wool wicks moisture away from your body.

•Naturally fire retardant – Wool extinguishes itself when touched to a flame. It won’t continue to burn. Because of this fact, firemen wear wool clothing. You won’t be breathing in chemical fumes from added fire retardant chemicals, which are being banned in certain places due to their health risks.

•Dust mite repellant – Dust mites need moisture to survive. Wool evaporates moisture quickly and is inhospitable to dust mites. As dust mites are one of the leading triggers for asthma attacks, this is wonderful news for children and adults with allergies and asthma.

Based in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, Nourison is the world’s largest manufacturer of area rugs and a leading producer of premium-quality broadloom carpeting with over 1 million rugs in-stock at any given time. From signature handmade collections to prestige designer lines, including Calvin Klein and Liz Claiborne, Nourison supplies more than 100 distinctive collections to prominent retailers and design houses throughout the world. For more information, visit www.nourison.com .

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