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School’s Back: Diagnose Your Child’s Cold Early

Germs and viruses are pervasive in schools and daycare centers, making the spread of infections and illness seem like a vicious, endless cycle. This not only impacts children but causes stress and/or sickness among parents.

While addressing the spread of germs in schools is essential to the overall health of nation, early detection is vital in preventing the spread of these bugs and viruses. The average child gets six to eight colds per year and, if you’re a parent, you know this often translates into sniffles for the entire family. According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 1/5 of the U.S. population attends or works in schools, and nearly 22 million school days are lost annually due just to the common cold.

How do moms, caregivers and school nurses detect sickness early to help prevent their spread? The first step is an accurate temperature reading. However, when kids are sick, they are often achy and miserable and it can be difficult to care for them. Moreover, infants squirm, making it nearly impossible to monitor their temperatures.

There are several methods of thermometry including ear (tympanic), oral, rectal and forehead (temporal). In can be a challenge taking a child’s temperature orally or rectally when they are already feeling discomfort. Typically, these forms of temperature-taking require time and patience and cause stress for both parent and patient. Ear thermometers aren’t an option when your child has an earache or infection. The probe covers are made from petroleum and, in addition to adding to the (medical) waste problem in our country, are costly.

Exergen’s Temporal Scanner™ is the world’s first and only temporal artery (forehead) thermometer, delivering an accurate temperature (comparable to one taken rectally) in just two seconds. For more information please visit www.temporalscanner.com.

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