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ROLLERBLADE® USA Announces Inline Hybrid For City Terrain

Charging down the street, darting through crowds, weaving around obstacles—this isn’t an extreme skating event. It could be your morning commute. Rollerblade USA has acknowledged the urban micro-culture and designed a trendy skate collection that fuses challenging landscape problem solvers with metro-tested style and comfort. Urbanites that get around via inline skates not only enjoy down time and most certainly avoid paying gas prices, but also stay in shape and avoid pesky rush-hour traffic. Rollerblade USA’s Urban Collection, set to debut in January of 2009 with prices ranging from $199-$249, encourages a new generation of travel with a set of naturally fueled wheels—powered by Rollerblade.

The Fusion skate (Fusion X7™ and Fusion X5™) is true to its name. Rollerblade has combined the experience from building both molded and soft skates and blended the benefits together to create the Fusion Urban Skate. Fusion’s unique vented molded shell structure optimizes stability and torsion resistance without adding weight, while the liner ensures comfort and breathability. Specialized “5 Star Fit” liner is specially engineered with memory foam padding that provides a customized fit for the skater. The padding adapts to the shape of the ankle area and eliminates pressure points, providing total comfort and complete control. The Fusion’s frame is aluminum 6000 shaped for optimal torsional resistance and has a low balance UFS set up for better control. The heel shock absorber minimizes an already low impact and the axles are light weight. Fusion offers replaceable components and removable, optional sole plates for versatility—truly making this skate ideal for an urban adventure.

Unique in its class, the Twister 243™ is a versatile molded skate that combines the comfort and lightness of shoe styling with flexibility for movement and top performance. This skate’s hot rod 243 low frame and urban profile wheels are perfect for maneuverability without sacrificing style. The vented molded shell optimizes stability and torsion resistance to offer minimized weight with maximum breathability, while the specialized “5 Star Fit” liner provides a customized fit for maximum comfort.

Rollerblade USA is based in West Lebanon, NH with worldwide headquarters in Trevignano (TV),Italy. Rollerblade is the founder and leader of the in-line skate industry, with over 250 patented product innovations. Rollerblade USA manufacturers and distributes skates, accessories and gear for inline skating. Serving as the premier manufacturer of inline skates, related accessories and protective gear, Rollerblade has received several awards for its innovative technologies, including the first women’s specific design, an extendible skate for children, and the proprietary ABT® braking technology for controlled, effortless stopping. For more information about Rollerblade, or to find a Rollerblade retailer near you, please visit www.Rollerblade.com.

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