Core Rhythms Co-Creator and Certified Dance/Fitness Instructor to Appear on QVC

Internationally acclaimed Ballroom dance champion, Jaana Kunitz, has been invited back for another appearance on QVC live Friday, August 21st between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Jaana will give viewers a first-hand look at Core Rhythms®, her hot Latin dance exercise program, as she leads a class on air. Fans will be able to call in, speak to Jaana and purchase the DVD set.

Core Rhythms, produced by DV Creations, incorporates Latin dance drills into an exercise program that helps burn fat and sculpt beautiful bodies. In one workout, participants can do more than 5,000 standing crunches – more than the crunching actions in 29 competitive dance routines. Jaana and her partner, competitive ballroom dance champion Julia Powers, created Core Rhythms based on their own personal fitness regimes. The dynamic workouts are based on rhythmic motion and are reported to boost self-esteem and offer beginner or advanced fitness enthusiasts a sense of energy renewal, while reducing stress and weight.

Jaana Kunitz is one of the most televised Latin dancers in the world. Her appearances include PBS “Championship Ballroom Dancing”, NBC Dancesport series, Goodlife TV, ESPN, Ole Suzanna, as well as the hit movie “Dance With Me” starring Vanessa Williams. Jaana is also an ACE certified Fitness instructor making her one of the leading authorities in dance fitness today. For more information about the Core Rhythms program, visit