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SAVE MONEY ON HEATING BILLS THIS WINTERDouble-sided Insulation Device Can Result in 20% Savings

Williston, VT. Approximately 43% of a home’s utility bill can be attributed to heating and cooling. Unfortunately, a significant amount of the money spent on that typical bill goes out the window – literally – because of drafty doors and windows. Replacing those doors and windows can be costly. While fabric door snakes work, they need constant adjustment. There is a new, affordable and easy-to-use product that will help consumers save on heating bills this season.

Made from the same foam used to insulate pipes in Northern Canada, the Twin Draft Guard® keeps the internal climate from being affected by the outside elements allowing for more efficient temperature regulation. This double-sided insulation device blocks drafts from both sides of doors and windows keeping cold air out and warm air in. It virtually creates an airtight seal so that nothing gets through reducing heating and cooling costs by 13% to 20% in rooms in which it is used.

“Saving money is on everyone’s mind today,” says Steve Heroux, CEO of Hampton Direct, Inc. “Excess air leakage in your home can increase your heating and cooling bills by 30%. The Twin Draft Guard© is a simple, cost-effective way to reduce heating costs this winter and put some extra money in your wallet.”

The Twin Draft Guard® fits windows and doors up to 36 inches. You just cut the inserts to the length you need, insert them into the cover, then slide the Twin Draft Guard® under the door. That’s it. Doors open and close easily as it glides over floors and carpets.

An As Seen On TV product of Hampton Direct, Inc., the Twin Draft Guard® retails for $9.99 and can now be purchased at 350 Lowe’s stores in the Northeast Region (NY, NJ, PA, CT, DE, MD, OH, VA, MD, WV, NJ, MA, RI, VT, NC, NH, ME) in addition to major retail chains including Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreens, etc. Double packs are available at www.twindraftguard.com.

Hampton Direct, Inc. is a leading international importer and distributor of consumer products. The Vermont-based company’s offerings include common household problem solving products that includes the As Seen On TV Wonder Hanger®, Twin Draft Guard® and Total Pillow®.